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The volcanic island Lanzarote forms with other Canaries, of Spanish dominion in full Atlantic Ocean to the height of North Africa. The airport is located in Arrecife, the main town on the west side of the island by the sea. It consists of a terminal located to the east of a single runway oriented 03-21. As the island is popular with tourists and holidaymakers, significant traffic from northern Europe is observed. The extremely favorable climate throughout the year drains many charter flights every month. From a traffic point of view, the regular routes to Spain motherland are provided by Iberia, Vueling and Air Europa. The inter-island routes are operated by Binter Canaria with their fleet of ATR72 and Canary Fly. The bulk of the traffic is shared between the tour operators companies with TUI tops the list, Thomas Cook, Jettime, Aer Lingus, Travel Services and Monarch. Low-cost airlines are also present in mass in Lanzarote with Easyjet, Ryanair, Eurowings, Jet2 and Transavia. Every day, cargo flights operated by Swiftair connect the island to the mainland for perishable goods or mail. There is a small military base in Arrecife, it is not uncommon to observe a military aircraft in the colors of the Spanish monarchy. Winds generally coming from the northeast, it is runway 03 which is almost always used for all traffic. 


ace/low/20170325_183706.jpg ace/low/ace-1.jpg ace/low/20170325_183753.jpg ace/low/ACE-3.jpg
View of terminal View of tower Inside of terminal Approach 03 over the sea


We took advantage of the inter-season to reserve in a "last minute" a cheap plane ticket from the Belgian capital and the country where the sun never hides. Departure on the morning of March 22, 2017 aboard the flight of the newly named TUI Belgium company TB3453 and the B738 OO-JAX. After 4:10 of flight, we arrived at destination. We chose the resort of Puerto del Carmen for our accommodation. This area has been chosen because it contains many nice hotels concentrated with "All Inclusive" formulas and the end of the track is only 15 minutes walk ... enough to easily link a few days Holiday and spotting moments. The traffic however being repetitive, we played the radar and free wifi of the hotel to plan our photographic shots in symbiosis with the fun, sports and culinary activities. Without further ado, discover below the harvest of these few nice days of spring! 


Click on the image to enlarge it, all the pictures on the page are from CÚdric Valence - Brussels Airport
23th and 24th March 2017




ace/low/G-EZWV - A320-214 EasyJet - ANC 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-AIAH - A321-211 Condor - ACE 25-03-2017+.jpg ace/low/EC-MHI - ATR72 Binter - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-EFH - B737-8AS Ryanair - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-EZWV - A320-214 EasyJet

D-AIAH - A321-211 Condor

EC-MHI - ATR72 Binter

EI-EFH - B737-8AS Ryanair




ace/low/PH-HZD - B737-8K2 Transavia - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-FHT - B737-8PJ Norwegian - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-EZWT - A320-214 Easyjet - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/LN-TUL - B737-705 SAS Scandinavian - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg

PH-HZD - B737-8K2 Transavia

EI-FHT - B737-8PJ Norwegian

G-EZWT - A320-214 Easyjet

LN-TUL - B737-705 SAS Scandinavian




ace/low/LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet (leasing Afriquiah) - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/OY-PSE - B737-8Q8 Primera - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-AICL - A320-212 Condor - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-FDZY - B737-8K5 Thomson - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet    (leasing Afriquiah)

OY-PSE - B737-8Q8 Primera

D-AICL - A320-212 Condor

G-FDZY - B737-8K5 Thomson




ace/low/G-ZBAO - A321-231 Monarch - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-KND - Beechcraft 200 King Air Urgemer Canarias - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-POWI - A320-232 Titan Airways - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-AIAF - A321-211 Condor - ACE 25-03-2017.jpg

G-ZBAO - A321-231 Monarch 

EC-KND - Beechcraft 200 King Air Urgemer Canarias

G-POWI - A320-232 Titan Airways

D-AIAF - A321-211 Condor




ace/low/EC-KRY - ATR72 Binter - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-EZUT - A320-214 EasyJet - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-EHN - B737-8AS Ryanair - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-ZBAM - A321-231 Monarch - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

EC-KRY - ATR72 Binter

G-EZUT - A320-214 EasyJet  EI-EHN - B737-8AS Ryanair G-ZBAM - A321-231 Monarch




ace/low/G-GDFP - B737-8Z9 Jet2 - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-FDZW - B737-8K5 TUI - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-ABNV - A320-214 Air Berlin - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-CPEU - B757-236 TUI - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-GDFP - B737-8Z9 Jet2

G-FDZW - B737-8K5 TUI

D-ABNV - A320-214 Air Berlin

G-CPEU - B757-236 TUI




ace/low/EC-MBF - A320-214 Vueling - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-OOBF - B757-28A Thomson - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-ASTV - A321-211 Germania - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-KRY - ATR72 Binter - ACE 23-03-2017b.jpg

EC-MBF - A320-214 Vueling

G-OOBF - B757-28A Thomson

D-ASTV - A321-211 Germania

EC-KRY - ATR72 Binter




ace/low/G-TCDA - A321-211 Thomas Cook - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-JQL - ATR72 Binter - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-TCDN - A321-211 Thomas Cook - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-MFK - A320-232 Vueling - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg

G-TCDA - A321-211 Thomas Cook

EC-JQL - ATR72 Binter

G-TCDN - A321-211 Thomas Cook

    EC-MFK - A320-232 Vueling




ace/low/G-OOBD - B757-28A TUI - ACE 23-03-2017b.jpg ace/low/EC-MPI - ATR72 Binter - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/D-AGEN - B737-75B Germania - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-DEP - A320-214 Aer Lingus - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-OOBD - B757-28A TUI

EC-MPI - ATR72 Binter

D-AGEN - B737-75B Germania

EI-DEP - A320-214 Aer Lingus




ace/low/G-GDFP - B737-8Z9 Jet2 - ACE 23-03-2017b.jpg ace/low/EC-MLF - ATR72 Canary Fly - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-JMOE - B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor) - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-EKW - B737-8AS Ryanair - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-GDFP - B737-8Z9 Jet2

EC-MLF - ATR72 Canary Fly G-JMOE - B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor) EI-EKW - B737-8AS Ryanair




ace/low/G-LSAC - B757-23A Jet2 Holidays - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-OOBD - B757-28A TUI - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-MPI - ATR72 Binter - ACE 24-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-TCDE - A321-211 Thomas Cook - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-LSAC - B757-23A Jet2 Holidays

G-OOBD - B757-28A TUI

EC-MPI - ATR72 Binter

G-TCDE - A321-211 Thomas Cook




ace/low/G-ZBAM - A321-231 Monarch - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/G-TAWP - B737-8K5 Thomson - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EI-DEJ - A320-214 Aer Lingus - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg ace/low/EC-MFC - CRJ900 Binter - ACE 23-03-2017.jpg

G-ZBAM - A321-231 Monarch

G-TAWP - B737-8K5 Thomson

EI-DEJ - A320-214 Aer Lingus

EC-MFC - CRJ900 Binter


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