Boeing Field Seattle - King County Airport - ( BFI -KBFI)                                                                                                                                                          


Located 10 miles southeast of Seattle, Boeing Field airport was put into service for the needs of the Boeing factory, manufacturer booming. Over time and the development of the company, a large part of the activities have been relocated in the 90s to other sites. Currently, King County Airport is a military base and is still used for the needs of Industry Boeing but the equipment inside the aircraft. Every day, many test flights of aircraft leaving factory are made. It is from this area that customers come take delivery of 737 aircraft types. A large museum complex located west of the edge of the land contains many interesting pieces. The cargo terminal and passengers are to be two parallel tracks. The 31L-13R welcome any traffic, more courtent 31R-13L are for light aviation.






View of the tower Vue du terminal 2    


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24th June 2014




N747BA - B747-100 Boeing 86970 - B737-300 United States of America C-FTGE - Super Constellation Trans Canada Airlines N515NA - B737-200 NASA




N789EX - B787-9 Boeing N789ZB - B787-9 Untitled Museum of flight Museum of flight




Museum of flight N334CS - B737-3M8 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest N844BA - B737-800 Untitled C-GNRD - B737-229 Nolinor Aviation




38013 - B707-E3 US Air Force N476AF - Metroliner II Ameriflight N1787B - B737-923ER Untitled Delta WT02 - Chasseur F




N1786B - B737-8KN Untitled Fly Dubai N249BA - B747-409LCF Dreamlifter    


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