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 Situated about 35 miles in the north east of Milan, Bergamo Airport is the low-cost rendezvous of the economical capital of Italy. The passenger terminal is on the east of the runway 28-10. A cargo center meet everydays a heavy trffic mainly during the night operated bu DHL (B757 +A300F), Maersk (B767F), Farner (ATR/F27F)… The flights are operated by Ryanair, Sky Europe, My Air, Wind Jet, Brussels Airlines, Transavia, Air Berlin and Sky Europe. Only few flights to Rome are operated by Alitalia.



View of the tower

View outside of the terminal

View of the check-in desks

View of the parking


Spotting in Bergamo is easy. Just a one day trip from Charleroi aboard the Ryanair flight FR4522.Just arrived, this is possible to take good pictures from the car park few meters on the south second deck of the terminal. The light is good from the morning till 2PM. Another excellent place is on the touch down runway 28. Walk out the terminal on the left, cross the bridge of the highway and follow the street on the left. Cross the highway ah the next bridge after about 1km and you’ll find the place,over a very horrible fence. After a beautiful spotting day, back home with the Ryanair flight FR4525 to Charleroi. FR4525.


26 february 2008




EI-DUU - CRJ900 My Air I-MLRT - Fokker27F Miniliner EI-DHO - B737-800 Ryanair I-MLRT - Fokker27F Miniliner




LZ-HBE - BAe146 Hemus Air OM-NGK - B737-700 Sky Europe EI-DUU - CRJ900 My Air  


25 september 2007




OO-SSM - A319 Brussels Airlines EI-DCS - B737-800 Ryanair PH-HZY - B737-8K2 Transavia G-CELI - B737330 Jet 2

D-ABDH - A320 Air Berlin

EI-DCY - B737-800 Ryanair

SX-BGR - B737-4Q8 Aegean

ER-SFB - Saab2000 Moldavian


G-CELI - B737330 Jet 2

YR-MDR - MD82 Jet Tran Air

SX-BGR - B737-4Q8 Aegean SX-BEU - MD80 Euro Air







EI-DCO - B737-800 Ryanair

SX-BEU - MD82 Euro Air

EI-DCY - B737-800 Ryanair

I-EEZF - A320 Eurofly


EI-DRG - A320 My Air

OE-GMC - Beech Beechjet 400A

EI-DOP - A320 Wind Jet

EI-DCY - B737-800 Ryanair


EI-DOP - A320 Wind Jet

ZA-ARC - Fokker100 Belle Air

I-LINB - A320 My Air

EI-DUU - Canadair CRJ900 My Air



I-LINB - A320 My Air

ZA-ARC - Fokker100 Belle Air



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