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Located 30km from the center of the megalopolis of Bangkok capital of Thailand with 13 million inhabitants, Suvarnabhumi Airport was built in 2006 and replaced the Don Muang for international flights which was a source of numerous noise and blocked in its expansion due to its presence in the center city. A brand new terminal is inserted in the middle of two parallel runways named  01L-19R and  01R-19L. This means that the traffic of this airport is quite important because it is not only a transit point between Europe and the Orient, but also the heart of activities of cargo, and a stopping point for many tourists for vacation on beautiful beaches. Perspective "passenger", Thai companies Airways, Bangkok Airways and Thai Air Asia are based in Suvarnabhumi, the largest of the other flights are operated by Eva, Cathay, Singapore, Jetstar Asia, Qatar, Tiger and many companies asia. From Europe you can find 747 Lufthansa, KLM and British Airways, Air France 777, 340 SAS and Finnair. Note that if the wind comes from the north runway 01R is used for arrivals, 01L for departures. In south-wind 19R for all arrivals while the 19L used for departures. Sometimes Arrivals on runway 19L do, but it will in this case that domestic flights operated by the Thai (easy access to domestic terminal). Finally, following the devastating floods which have occurred in Thailand monsoon in late 2011, the old Don Muang airport under water had to be closed until February 2012, on flights operated by Orient Thai and Nok companies normally based at Don Muang were diverted to Suvarnabhumi which allowed us to take pictures of all traffic on a single track of a single airport!




View of BKK tower View outside of terminal

View inside of terminal



Plane Spotting 2016

The last trip in Thailand dating from 2013, we decided to go back in order to make pictures of the 'new' planes visible in this beautiful country. The landscape changed sharply in just a few years, putting into service new aircraft such as the B787 or A350, new delivered in Southeast Asia including Nok and not insignificant point of the very high prices practiced by the company Etihad. During our stay, we were lucky to have sun and a northerly wind, so runways 01 were used every day which earned us taking a taxi every day and explorations walking through the countryside at South of the airport. But to discover the result below, the result is great !


  1 12th and 13th November




bkk/low/LN-LNA - B787-8 Norwegian - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/P4-KEC - B767-3KY(ER) Air Astana - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/RP-C4100 - A320-214 Cebu Pacific - BKK 13-11-2013.jpg bkk/low/UR-GEA - B767-322ER Ukraine International - BKK 10-11-2016.jpg
LN-LNA - B787-8 Norwegian P4-KEC - B767-3KY(ER) Air Astana RP-C4100 - A320-214 Cebu Pacific UR-GEA - B767-322ER Ukraine International




bkk/low/F-OLRB - B787-8 Air Austral - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/VT-JBZ - B737-96N(ER) Jet Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/XY-AGV - A319-111 Myanmar Airways International - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
F-OLRB - B787-8 Air Austral VT-JBZ - B737-96N(ER) Jet Airways VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot XY-AGV - A319-111 Myanmar Airways International




bkk/low/P4-GAS - B757-2G5 Air Astana - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/RP-C3269 - A320-214 Cebu Pacific Air - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/JA601F - B767-381F(ER) ANA Cargo - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
P4-GAS - B757-2G5 Air Astana OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair RP-C3269 - A320-214 Cebu Pacific Air JA601F - B767-381F(ER) ANA Cargo




bkk/low/HS-TQB - B787-8 Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/JA06KZ - B747-4KZF NCA - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TXB - A320-232 Thai - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
HS-TQB - B787-8 Thai JA06KZ - B747-4KZF NCA HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand HS-TXB - A320-232 Thai




bkk/low/HS-TXF - A320-232 Thai Smile - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/XY-ALB - B737-86N Myanmar National Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/TC-JOG - A330-303 Turkish - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TXQ - A320-232 Thai Smile - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
HS-TXF - A320-232 Thai Smile XY-ALB - B737-86N Myanmar National Airlines TC-JOG - A330-303 Turkish HS-TXQ - A320-232 Thai Smile




bkk/low/HS-TXU - A320-232 Thai Smile - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PPG - A319-132 Bangkok Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/F-GZNN - B777-328ER Air France (Skyteam) - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PGU - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
HS-TXU - A320-232 Thai Smile HS-PPG - A319-132 Bangkok Airways F-GZNN - B777-328ER Air France (Skyteam) HS-PGU - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




bkk/low/RDPL-34176 - ATR72 Lao Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-VKB - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/PH-BVO - B777-306ER KLM - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/UR-WRQ - A330-223 Windrose - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg
RDPL-34176 - ATR72 Lao Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg HS-VKB - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand PH-BVO - B777-306ER KLM UR-WRQ - A330-223 Windrose




bkk/low/VN-A603 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PPH - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/F-GZNO - B777-328ER Air France - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TDD - B737-4D7 Thai - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
VN-A603 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines HS-PPH - A320-232 Bangkok Airways F-GZNO - B777-328ER Air France HS-TDD - B737-4D7 Thai




bkk/low/G-YMMU - B777-236ER British Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-5375 - B737-84P Hainan Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HB-JND - B777-3DE(ER) Swiss - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-16725 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg
G-YMMU - B777-236ER British Airways B-5375 - B737-84P Hainan Airlines HB-JND - B777-3DE(ER) Swiss B-16725 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air




bkk/low/B-18210 - B747-409 China Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-2408 - A320-214 China Southern - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-5638 - B737-84P Hainan Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/A6-ETJ - B777-3FX(ER) Etihad - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
B-18210 - B747-409 China Airlines B-2408 - A320-214 China Southern B-5638 - B737-84P Hainan Airlines A6-ETJ - B777-3FX(ER) Etihad




bkk/low/B-LND - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/A9C-KB - A330-243 Gulfair - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-16481 - B747-45EF Eva Air Cargo - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-LNV - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg
B-LND - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines A9C-KB - A330-243 Gulfair B-16481 - B747-45EF Eva Air Cargo B-LNV - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines




bkk/low/9V-JSL - A320-232 Jetstar Asia - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-LNV - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/9V-SSB - A330-343 Singapore Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/9V-TAV - A320-232 Tiger Airways - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
9V-JSL - A320-232 Jetstar Asia B-LNV - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines 9V-SSB - A330-343 Singapore Airlines 9V-TAV - A320-232 Tiger Airways




bkk/low/B-LRC - A350-941 Cathay Pacific - BKK 10-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-16701 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air (Star Alliance) - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-MAL - A319-132 Air Macau - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/VQ-BNI - A320-214 Ural Airlines - BKK 12-11-2016.jpg
B-LRC - A350-941 Cathay Pacific       B-16701 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air             (Star Alliance) B-MAL - A319-132 Air Macau VQ-BNI - A320-214 Ural Airlines
bkk/low/4X-ELH - B747-412 ElAl - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TJG - B777-2D7 Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-5218 - B737-75C Xiamen Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
4X-ELH - B747-412 ElAl HS-TJG - B777-2D7 Thai B-5218 - B737-75C Xiamen Airways S-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




bkk/low/HS-PPA - A319-132 Bangkok Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TEN - A330-343 Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PGB - ATR72 Bangkok Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-SKR - Cessna208B Siam Gerenal Aviation - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
HS-PPA - A319-132 Bangkok Airways HHHS-TEN - A330-343 Thai HS-PGB - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-SKR - Cessna208B Siam Gerenal Aviation




bkk/low/HS-TGA - B747-4D7 Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PPD - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TKZ - B777-3D7ER Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-LAO - A330-343 Cathay Pacific - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
HS-TGA - B747-4D7 Thai HS-PPD - A320-232 Bangkok Airways HS-TKZ - B777-3D7ER Thai B-LAO - A330-343 Cathay Pacific




bkk/low/JY-BAC - B787-8 Royal Jordanian - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TXE - A320-232 Thai - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-TXT - A320-232 Thai Smile - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-PZA - ATR72 Bangkok Airways - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
JY-BAC - B787-8 Royal Jordanian HS-TXE - A320-232 Thai HS-TXT - A320-232 Thai Smile HS-PZA - ATR72 Bangkok Airways




bkk/low/HS-VKA - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/OE-LPB - B777-2Z9ER Austrian - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/JA701J - B777-246ER JAL - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-16717 - B777-35EER Eva Air - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
/HS-VKA - A320-214 Vietjet Thailand OE-LPB - B777-2Z9ER Austrian JA701J - B777-246ER JAL B-16717 - B777-35EER Eva Air




bkk/low/VP-BOO - B757-204 Royal Flight - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/PK-GMC - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia - BKK 11-11-2016b.jpg bkk/low/A5-BAB - A319-112 Bhutan Airlines - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/9M-MSD - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg
VP-BOO - B757-204 Royal Flight PK-GMC - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia A5-BAB - A319-112 Bhutan Airlines 9M-MSD - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines




bkk/low/HS-TEL - A330-343 Thai (Star Alliance) - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-8346 - A320-214 Spring Airlines - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/B-9937 - A321-231 Sischuan Airlines - BKK 11-11-2016.jpg bkk/low/HS-AAB - B767-383ER Asia Atlantic Airlines - BKK 13-11-2016.jpg
HS-TEL - A330-343 Thai (Star Alliance) B-8346 - A320-214 Spring Airlines B-9937 - A321-231 Sischuan Airlines HS-AAB - B767-383ER Asia Atlantic Airlines


Plane spotting 2013

Frustrated by bad weather last year, we decided going back in BKK to make some plane spotting and we were lucky at this time. We flew from Singapore Scoot flight B777 TZ302 in late 29th January and we spent few hours between some tours downtown close of runways for some shots... and here are the pictures.

s alors dédiées à quelques photos d'aviation ont été sous de meilleures conditions, et je vous propose de découvrir les photos.


31st January 2013




RDPL-34189 - B737-4Y0 Lao Central Airlines VP-BVH - B767-33AER S7 P4-MAS - B757-28A Air Astana VQ-BBT - B757-2Q8 Nordwind




HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai HS-TAZ - A300-622R Thai OHS-TDK - B737-4D7 Thai HS-TEG - A330-322 Thai




A40-DE - A330-243 Oman Air 9V-TAW - A320-232 Tiger Airways 9M-FFA - B737-8Q8 Malaysia B-16112 - MD11F Eva Air Cargo




B-18206 - B747-408 China Airlines B-LNM - A330-343X Hong Kong Airlines EI-UNB B767-8P6ER Transaero HS-SAE - Dornier223 Solar Aviaion




4X-ELB - B747-458 ElAl 9K-ANA - A340-313 Kuwait Airways B-18211 - B747-409 China Airlines EI-XLZ - B747-444 Transaero




HS-PGA - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PGU - A320-232 Bangkok Airways HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




HS-PGM - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PGX - A319-132 Bangkok Airways HS-PPA - A319-132 Bangkok Airways HS-PPD - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




HS-PGT - A319-132 Bangkok Airways   HL8246 - B737-88K Korean Air     HS-PGF - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-TEL - A330-332 Thai Star Alliance




HS-TEQ - A330-343E Thai HS-TGW - B747-4D7 Thai Star Alliance OH-LTO - A330-302 Finnair PH-BVA - B777-306ER KLM




PK-RMR - A320-232 Mandala Airline VN-A350 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines VP-BGU - B747-346 Transaero VQ-BAK - B757-2Q8 Nordwind Airlines




VQ-BMU - B767-328ER Nordwind Airlines VQ-BQA - B757-2Q8 UT Air V8-RBP - A319-132 Royal Brunei VT-IEJ A320-232 IndiGo




A5-RGI - A319-112 Drukair B-16312 - A330-203 Eva Air B-2981 - B737-3W0 China Eastern B-6639 - A320-232 China Eastern




HS-TGP - B747-4D7 Thai HS-TXE - A320-232 Thai Smile PK-GFP - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia RDPL-34171 - Avic MA60 Lao Airlines




SP-ENY - B737-86N Enter Air RDPL-34176 - AT72 Lao Airlines TC-JND - A330-203 Turkish HS-TXA - A320-232 Thai Smile
1str February 2013




B-6342 - A321-231 China Southern RP-C5319 - A320-232 Seair JA8356 - B767-381ERF ANA CArgo 9V-JSN - A320-232 Jetstar Asia




9V-SVK - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines B-LNY - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines Cargo B-5156 - B737-81Q China Southern B-HLU - A330-343X Cathay Pacific    (One World)




HS-TXD - A320-232 Thai Smile 9M-MXN - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines B-HNL - B777-267 Cathay Pacific EI-XLG - B747-446 Transaero




HS-TUB - A380-841 Thai B-6342 - A321-231 China Southern HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai HL8234 - B737-86Q Jeju Ai




HL7555 - B737-86N Jin Air B-HLD - A330-342 Dragonair A9C-KA - A330-243 Gulfair B-16703 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air




JA01KZ - B747-481F NCA LZ-BHG - A320-232 MAI Myanmar Airways International DPL-34189 - B737-4Y0 Lao Central Airlines JA607A - B767-381ER ANA




B-LND - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines B-5320 - B737-8Q8 Shangai Airlines ET-AMK - B757-28A Ethiopian B-MAK - A319-132 Air Macau




HS-JAD - B767-246 Jet Asia VP-BLY - B757-200 UT Air VT-IEH - A320-232 IndiGo K-ANB - A340-313 Kuwait Airways
2nd February 2013




S2-ADK - A310-325 Biman Bangladesh PK-RMR - A320-232 Mandala Airlines PK-GFN - B737-86N Garuda Indonesia OK-TVL - B737-8FN Travel Service




OE-LPB B777-2Z9ER Austrian 4X-ELH - B747-412 ElAl EI-DUC - B757-256 I Fly HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




HS-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways HS-TDJ - B737-4D7 Thai HS-PGM - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PPE - A320-232 Bangkok Airways




HS-PGY - A319-132 Bangkok Air HS-PGG - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PGC - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HB-JME - A340-313X Swiss




B-5697 - B737-81B China Southern HS-PPA - A319-132 Bangkok Airways /HS-HPA - Saab340 Happy Air A5-RGG - A319-115LR Drukair




HS-PGA - ATR72 Bangkok Airways G-CIVN - B747-436 British Airways HS-TAR - A300-622R Thai HS-TDJ - B737-4D7 Thai




HS-TEG - A330-322 Thai RDPL-34223 - A320-214 Lao Airlines HS-TGP - B747-4D7 Thai HS-TGX - B747-4D7 Thai




HS-TJR - B777-2D7ER - Thai HS-TNC - A340-642 Thai HS-TUB - A380-841 Thai VN-A395 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines




TC-JDN - A340-313X Turkish Airlines VN-A394 - A321-231 Cambodia Angkor Air S-TXD - A320-232 Thai Smile HS-TES - A330-322 Thai




VN-B227 - ATR72 Cambodia Angkor Air      


Plane spotting 2012


Our stay in Thailand begins in Bangkok on the morning of January 25, 2012 where we arrive after 10:30 on flight Thai Airways TG935 (B777-200ER HS-TJW) from Brussels. We had chosen a hotel in the center line of runway 19R called Queen's Garden with accès to the roof that offers a beautiful terrace overlooking the approaches! What could be better than a good time for spotting. the light was good until 14h hours in which we took the direction of a restaurant that opens at 16h called Kho Lanta and from its terraces, offers a splendid view of the approaches. A hotel situated on approach 19R called "Valentine" is also good and it is possible spotter from the room in the afternoom. Access to the terrace above the Queen's garden is accessible to people not staying here not through a payment of +-8€. Lucky for us that the wind from the south, the 19 tracks were used, the most optimal conditions. We spent a few days between visits for tourism and spotting towels but we have very large moments of cloudy .... Sometimes a trip is spotting a lottery and we must accept the misadventures offered the weather ... We are all both parties on January 29 to Phuket for other adventures, with a hint of frustration, however, but it is said we will return what is decided and hoping a blue sky!


Clic on the picture to enlarge, all the pictures were made by Cedric Valence


29th January till 3rd February 2012      

bkk/low/A6-ETH - B777-3FX(ER) Etihad - BKK 26-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/VT-JBQ - B737-85R Jet Airways - BKK 26-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/9V-TAP - A320-232 Tiger Airways - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/9V-SQG - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

A6-ETH - B777-3FX(ER) Etihad

VT-JBQ - B737-85R Jet Airways

9V-TAP - A320-232 Tiger Airways 9V-SQG - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines

bkk/low/9V-JSC - A320-232 Jetstar Asia - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-ABM - A320-216 Thai Air Asia - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/9M-MLL - B737-8FZ Malaysia - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/A6-EMN - B77-31H Emirates - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

9V-JSC - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

HS-ABM - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

9M-MLL - B737-8FZ Malaysia A6-EMN - B77-31H Emirates

bkk/low/9M-AFD - A320-216 Air Asia - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok - 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-TDE - B737-4D7 Nok - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-TDJ - B737-4D7 Thai - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

9M-AFD - A320-216 Air Asia

HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok

HS-TDE - B737-4D7 Nok  HS-TDJ - B737-4D7 Thai

bkk/low/9V-SFJ - B747-412F Singapore Airlines Cargo - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HL7483 - B747-4B5(BCF) Korean Air Cargo - 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-DDQ - B737-4M0 Nok - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

bkk/low/HS-ABL - A320-216 Thai Air Asia - BKK 25-01-2012.jpg

9V-SFJ - B747-412F Singapore Airlines Cargo

HL7483 - B747-4B5(BCF) Korean Air Cargo

HS-DDQ - B737-4M0 Nok HS-ABL - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-TDF - B737-4D7 Nok

HS-TDB - B737-4D7 Nok

HS-TEK - A330-322 Thai VQ-BHR - B757-2Q8 Nordwind Airlines

EI-UNB B767-8P6ER Transaero

HS-ABD - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai HS-TAT - A300-622R Thai

VQ-BMQ - B767-306ER Nordwind

D-ABXB - A330-223 Air Berlin

B-16112 MD11F Eva Air A40-DA - A330-243 Oman Air

VT-PPL - A321-211 Air India

HS-STA - B747-422 Orient Thai

VQ-BQX - A330-343X Aeroflot RDPL-34174 - ATR72 Lao Airlines

HS-PGU - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-MDI - MD81 Orient Thai HS-GBE - Saab340 Nok

HS-PGK - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGG - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGN - A319-132 Bangkok Airways HS-PGZ - A319-132 Siem Reap Airways (leased from Bangkok Airways)

HS-PPA - A319-132 bkk/low/HS-PPA

VT-IEF A320-232 IndiGo

VN-A363 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines JA07KZ - B747-4KZF NCA

TC-JNM - A330-343X Turkish Airlines

XY-AGI - A320-231 Myanmar Airways International

B-5157 - B737-81Q China Southern B-5482 - B737-84P Hainan Airlines

B-5148 - B737-86N Shanghai Airlines

9K-AND - A340-313 Kuwait Airways

A9C-KB - A330-243 Gulf Air B-6288 - A320-214 China Southern

B-16716 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air

B-HLV - A330-342 Cathay Pacific

A6-EDI - A380-861 Emirates A7-BAM - B777-3DZ5(ER) Qatar

/B-HNO - B777-367 Cathay Pacific

EI-UNN - B777-312 Transaero

HL8241 - B737-88K Korean Air HS-ABJ - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-BIC - B767-341ER Business Air

HS-BRA - B737-3T0 Orient Thai

HS-DDL - B737-4Y0 Nok HS-DDM - B737-4D7 Nok

HS-GBC - Saab340 Nok

HS-PGT - A319-132 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways RDPL-34171 - Avic MA60 Lao Airlines

V8-RBP - A319-132 Royal Brunei

HS-TRB - ATR72 Nok

9M-AFY - A320-216 Air Asia 9M-AHO - A320-216 Air Asia

B-5094 - B737-79P China Eastern

B-16703 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air

HS-TYQ - A310-324 Thai Air Force VQ-BBI - B767-328ER S7

B-18312 - A330-302 China Airlines

B-LAD - A330-342X Cathay Pacific

B-MAN - A319-132 Air Macau 5R-MFJ - B767-3Y0(ER) Air Madagascar

B-18311 - A330-302 China Airlines

HS-TLC - A340-541 Thai

9M-MUB - A330-223F MAS Cargo HS-TKD - B777-3D7 Thai

PK-GMS - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia

HS-TAS - A300-622R Thai

9V-STJ - A330-343X Singapore Airlines HS-PGA - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGC - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok 

HS-ABN - A320-216 Thai Air Asia HS-TJE - B777-2D7 Thai

VN-A349 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines

/TC-JDK - A340-311 Turkish Airlines

VQ-BAL - B757-2Q8 Nordwind VP-BUI - B757-231 Uzbekistan

RDPL-34188 - A320-214 Lao Airlines

/RP-C3331 - A330-301 Philippines

RP-C4319 - A319-132 Seair 9N-ACB - B757-2F8C Royal Nepal Airlines


HS-SCK - B727-2J4F K-Mile (DHL)

OH-LQE - A340-313 Finnair (One World)



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