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Situated about 10 miles from Bristol , Lulsgate Airport is composed by a terminal  on the north of a runway called 27-09. Bristol is an Easyjet base. There are some flights also operated by Ryanair and some charters companies during de summer (Thomas Cook, First Choice…). Longest flight is operated by Continental to New-York 3 days a week with a B757.


Vue de la tour de contrôle

Vue de l'extérieur du terminal

Vue de l'intérieur du terminal

Vue de l'intérieur du terminal et des comptoirs d'enregistrements


All pictures were token by Cedric Valence


We flew to Bristol from Manchester aboard the Air Southwest flight WOW303 (Dash8-200 G-WOWE). At Lulsgate Airport, we coach a taxi to the south of the runway where i took pictures through the fence. When the sun turned, we walked to the terminal to find a good place but we saw on the panel that our return flight was cancelled… We directly coach a bus to main station, and back to Manchester by train.


19 may 2008
G-EZAI - A319 Easy Jet

G-BXTN - ATR42 Aurigny

G-OOBF - B757-200 First Choice

G-XLAK - B737-800 XL

SU-KBA - A320 Koral Blue

PH-OFM - Fokker100 KLM

TC-OAN - A321 Onur Air

G-EZAK - A319 EasyJet

EI-CTB - B737-800 Ryanair

D-AQUA - Avro RJ100 Eurowings

F-GNLG - Fokker100 Blue Line

N41135 - B757-200ER Continental


G-WOWB - Bash8-200 Air Southwest



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