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Bratislava Stefani Airport is the most important in Slovakia. This is the base of Air Slovakia, Skyeurope and Ryanair. Just about 20 flights are operated every days from Bratislava. There are some charter flights during summer time and sometimes a special plane in maintenance. There are not many cargo activities, just one flight DHL during the night. There are sometimes military activities, and the government Tupolev 154 is based in this place. There is a little terminal on the west of two runways like a cross + called 13-31 and 22-04. There are some good spotting positions but difficult to access without a car.


View of the terminal View of the tower View inside of the terminal  


All the pictures were token by Cedric Valence


24th april 2009




OM-ASC - B737-300 Air Slovakia (Belview) OK-ROM - Embraer135S Private OK-XFD - ATR72 CSA OM-VRB - ATR72 Danube Wings




OM-ASD - B737-300 Air Slovakia VP-BZQ - A320 Aeroflot OM-ASC - B737-300 Air Slovakia (Belview) OE-LVN - Fokker100 Austrian




EC-JCU - Metro II Aeronova OM-ASC - B737-300 Air Slovakia (Belview) OM-BYR - TU154 Slovak Republic OM-VRA - ATR72 Danube Wings
23th april 2009




EI-DWE - B737-800 Ryanair OM-ASD - B737-300 Air Slovakia OM-VRB - ATR72 Danube Wings  


3 Juily 2008




OM-NGA - B737-700 Sky Europe RA-85647 - TU154 Aeroflot OK-JFL - ATR42 CSA EI-DYD - B737-800 Ryanair
2 Juily 2008




/OM-ASA - B757-200 Air Slovakia OM-NGL - B737-700 Sky Europe OM-VPR - Private  
10 August 2007




OM-NGB - B737-700 Sky Europe EC-JXD B737-33A Air Slovakia ( leased from Futura ) OM-ASB - B757-200 Air Slovakia Helico Slovak Air Force

OK-SLN - Embraer 135 ABA Air

EI-DAR - B737-800 Ryanair

OM-BYR - TU154 Slovak Republic

TS-INC - A320 Nouvelair


OK-WGD - B737-300 CSA

Helico Slovak Air Force

Slovak Republic D-ACLZ - CRJ200 Lufthansa Regional







EC-JXD - B737-33A Air Slovakia ( leased from Futura )

OM-NGG - B737-700 Sky Europe

SU-LBI - A320 Air Slovakia ( leased from Lotus Air )




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