Corfou Airport ( CFU - LGKR ) 

The real paradise for the plane spotter : Corfou Airport !  Close the most popular place of tourists, Royal Hôtel at Canoni Collines gives you the perfect point of view on the runway of this airport. In the hearth of many flowers and threes, close the sea, Corfou Airport is very busy during summer time with many  charters flights operated from all over Europe and Russia ! There is a terminal on the east of the runway 35-17.



View from the hotel room window. If you want to book this hotel, call  +30 661 038786 View from the little bar close the beach, you can see the hotel

View of a landing runway 35

View of Vlacherna Monastry close the runway


I arrived in the moring at Corfou aboard the Thomas-Cook Airlines flight FQ889 from Brussels on 23th june 2007. I took a taxi to Royal Hotel Canoni where i slept all the week. I asked a room with view on the runway, this is a crazy beautiful place!! Imagine take the breakfast on a lovely terrace with view on the runway and the traffic… When the sun turn, you can take pictures from the little bridge over the sea, and get to the beach or the bar on the west of the runway for excellent pictures. After the sunset, I recommend the Captain Georges restaurant at Canoni, sign the spotter book !


All pictures were made Cedric Valence


 23th June 2007

OO-TCN - A320-200 Thomas Cook : our plane from Brussels D-ABAR - B737-800 Air Berlin OE-LBR - A320 Lauda Air HA-LOG - B737-300 Malev

OE-LNR - B737- Lauda Air

D-ALPH A330-200 LTU

PH-HZN - B737-800 Transavia

D-AKNP - A319 Germanwings


HB-ICK - A321 Swiss

EI-DUC - B757-200 Air Union

OE-LBQ - A320 Lauda Air OM-ASC - B737-300 Air Slovakia







D-AHLR - B737-800 TUI Fly

PH-HZL - B737-800 Transavia

SX-BIM - ATR42 Olympic

PH-MCV - B767-300ER Arke Fly



RA-85661 - TU154 Aeroflot

D-AKIN - A319 Germanwings

SX-BGY - B737-31S Aegean  
24th June 2007      

F-GIXE - B737-3B3QC Europe Air Poste

F-GYAR - A321 Air Méditerranée

OM-NGB - B737-76N Sky Europe F-GRSE - A320 XL ( ex- Star Airlines )

4120 - C27 Spartan Greece Air Force

SX-DVF - BAe146 RJ100 Aegean

OY-MRR - B737-7L9 Sterling F-GYAJ - A321 Air Méditerranée

OO-TAZ - Avro RJ85 TNT Airlines

YU-ANK - B737-3H9 Jat Airways

RA-64016 - TU204 KMV Arrivée nocturne d'un B737-800 Tuifly


Départ d'un A320

Un B757-200 Thomson Fly tourne sur la raquette

Départ du B757-200 Thomson Fly  

25 June 2007


LX-LGR - B737-7C9 Luxair

G-XLAA - B737-800 XL

9V-AEN - A320 Air Malta G-ETAE - B737-800 Excel Airways

G-FJEA - B757-200 Fly Jet

VN50124 - Biz Jet

G-OOAE - A321 First Choice G-BXKA - A320 Thomas Cook

G-BOPB - B767-200 XL

G-OZBG - A321 Monarch

G-SUEW - A320 My Travel G-OOAW - A320 First Choice

OK-TVD - B737-800 Travel Service ( livree speciale Prague Airport )

G-ZAPX - B757-2Y0 Titan Airways

G-MONS - A300 Monarch G-OOBF - B757 First Choice

G-FCLB - B757-200 Thomas Cook

G-DHJH - A2321 My Travel

G-VKNH - B767-300ER XL G-OJMR - A300 Monarch


G-VKNA - B757 XL


26 June 2007



OO-JAM - B737-400 Jetair Fly ( leased from Air Berlin )

YR-BAA - B737-300 Blue Air D-AHFG - B737-800 Hapag Fly

HB-JIC - MD90 Hello

C-GTDP - A320-214 XL ( leased Sky Service )

HA-LPK - A320-200 Wizzair D-ABBM - B737-800 Air Berlin



OE-LEO - A320 Niki

SP-LMD - B737-36N Centralwings


27 June 2007


SE-RDP - A321 Novair

D-AXLE - B737-800 XL ( leased Jetair Fly)

l71760 - Fantom Greece Air Force HA-FAI - Embraer 120 Brazilia - Budapest Air Service

OE-GIL - Biz Jet

UN-53 - Greece Air Force

EI-DNH - B737-3Y5 Union Air 122 - Greece Air Force

G-TTOB - A320 British Airways

/HA-LKB - B737-800 Travel Service

I-TOPD - Biz Jet G-CEAH - B737-229 European

28 June 2007


OE-LTU - A320 LTU Austria

EI-CXN - B737-300 Transaero

TC-DOY - Biejet Doysa Air D-ALTC - A320 LTU ( pub Bayer )

/G-BYAI - B757-200 Thomson Fly

296 - C130 Greece Air Force

OK-TVF - B737-800 Travel Service SX-BIN - ATR42 Olympic


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