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Located in the heart of France and near the small town of Chateauroux, this airport is not served by any low-cost airline, and no national ones. However, the traffic consists of cargo flights and aircraft maintenance in coming to a company deployed near the tarmac. The complex consists of a control tower, offices and a room that may serve as a very small terminal. Cargo sheds are willing to west of a runway oriented 22-04. Chateauroux airport is also a training base for the major part of French companies, including Air France, with large aircraft like B747, B777 or A380! Finally, old aircraft are parked awaiting reinforcement from another plant destruction and recycling at the east of the complex, adjacent to the National Center for Fire Academy airports.


All the pictures were token by Cedric Valence


31st April 2010




chr/low/CHR-1.jpg chr/low/CS-TLZ - B767-300ERCF Euro Atlantic Cargo - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/SX-FIN - B747-200CF Sky Express Air Cargo - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/F-GCBH - B747-200 Ocean Airlines - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg
View of the tower CS-TLZ - B767-300ERCF Euro Atlantic Cargo SX-FIN - B747-200CF Sky Express Air Cargo F-GCBH - B747-200 Ocean Airlines


chr/low/F-WJKP - A340-300 Untitled - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/F-WJKL - A330-200 Arik Air - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/VQ-BDU - B737-800 Atlant Soyus - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/D-ANNJ - A319 Blue Wings - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg

F-WJKP - A340-300 Untitled

F-WJKL - A330-200 Arik Air

VQ-BDU - B737-800 Atlant Soyus

D-ANNJ - A319 Blue Wings
chr/low/EI-DMM - B737-300 KD Avia - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/EC-HQH - A340-300 Iberia - CHR 30-04-2010.jpg chr/low/EC.jpg  
EI-DMM - B737-300 KD Avia EC-HQH - A340-300 Iberia EC-JFR - B747-200 C2FPA (Formation Pompiers d'Aéroport)  


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