Catania Fontanarossa ( CTA - LICC )                       


The city of Catania is the second city of Sicily in terms of number of inhabitants. Its location by the sea and at the foot of the famous Etna volcano, makes this destination popular with European tourists. Catania Fontanarossa Airport is 4 km south of the city. Air traffic is directed to the single runway 26-08 north of which the passenger terminal is located. A military base is located to the southwest of the site. The prevailing winds coming from the sea, it is therefore runway 08 which is mainly used. By observing the traffic, we see that the majority of flights are shared between the major European low-cost carriers such as Transavia, Air Berlin, Eurowings, Wizzair and Blue Air, Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling and Volotea. The latter five even eat the shares of regular connections to mainland Italy, a mission nevertheless assigned to Alitalia. Regular routes are also provided by British Airways, Swiss, Lufthansa, Iberia and KLM. During the summer season, weekly charter flights are also observed from the main European cities organized by Smart Wings, TUI UK, TUI Belgium and Russian Ural Airlines, S7 and Redwings. Finally, some daily flights to the neighboring islands including Lampedusa come and go with ATR from Mistal Air. From a cargo point of view, some flights mainly late in the evening and early morning are insured to Europe to ASL Airlines. The military base of the Fontanarossa Navy allows to observe original maritime surveillance flights. The Dash 8, ATR42 or Atlantique II guard airplanes criss-cross the Sicilian border with their radars and observation equipment on board to spot suspicious boats. Many rescue helicopters at sea are based on this terrain.





cta/low/HA-LWN - A320-232 Wizzair - CTA 28-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/OK-TSC - B737-8FH Smartwing - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

View of the tower

View inside of terminal HA-LWN - A320-232 Wizzair OK-TSC - B737-8FH Smartwing


Our journey in Sicily to the airport of Amsterdam where we boarded the flight Transavia HV5217, B737-800 PH-HSW which took us directly to Catania. Between the trekkings at the summit of Etna and the various visits of warm cities, we spent a few hours on the runway of Fontanarossa airport. The surroundings do not give much photo opportunities, but we prefer the departures of the runway 08 in the morning so that we can benefit from an exceptional background formed by both the imposing Etna volcano and the city of Catania. However, we never made any photos after noon, the summer light being somewhat overwhelming, offering only an approximate quality. I suggest you to discover now the photos made during your trip.


Click to enlarge the pictures, all shots are from Cedric Valence


27th August 2017      

cta/low/D-ABHO - A320-214 Air Berlin (One World) - CTA 27-08-2017b.jpg

cta/low/LX-LGS - B737-7C9 Luxair - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/OK-TSC - B737-8FH Smartwing - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/OO-SSK - A319-111 Brussels Airlines - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

D-ABHO - A320-214 Air Berlin (One World)

LX-LGS - B737-7C9 Luxair

OK-TSC - B737-8FH Smartwing OO-SSK - A319-111 Brussels Airlines

cta/low/PH-XRC - B737-7K2 Transavia - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/SX-DVN - A320-232 Aegean - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/YR-BAJ - B737-430 Blue Air Web - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EI-FZW - B737-8AS Ryanair - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

PH-XRC - B737-7K2 Transavia

     SX-DVN - A320-232 Aegean

YR-BAJ - B737-430 Blue Air Web EI-FZW - B737-8AS Ryanair

cta/low/G-ATWB - B737-8K5 TUI - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/G-EZBC - A319-111 EasyJet - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EI-FRJ - B737-8AS Ryanair - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/D-ABHO - A320-214 Air Berlin (One World) - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

G-ATWB - B737-8K5 TUI

G-EZBC - A319-111 EasyJet

EI-FRJ - B737-8AS Ryanair D-ABHO - A320-214 Air Berlin        (One World)

cta/low/HB-JYA - A320-214 EasyJet - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/D-AKNK - A-319-112 Germanwings - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EC-MKN - A320-232 Vueling - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/G-EZOK - A320-214 EasyJet - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

HB-JYA - A320-214 EasyJet

D-AKNK - A-319-112 Germanwings

EC-MKN - A320-232 Vueling  G-EZOK - A320-214 EasyJet

cta/low/EI-DPB - B737-8AS Ryanair - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/9H-AHA - B737-505 Volotea (Air X Charter) - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/5B-DCU - A319-111 Cobalt - CTA 24-08-17b.jpg

cta/low/I-BIXS - A321-112 Alitalia - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

EI-DPB - B737-8AS Ryanair

      9H-AHA - B737-505 Volotea                   (Air X Charter)

5B-DCU - A319-111 Cobalt I-BIXS - A321-112 Alitalia 
24th August 2017      

cta/low/EI-EIB - A320-214 Alitalia - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/I-ADJO - Embraer190 Air Dolomiti - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/YR-BAZ - B737-405 Blue Air Web - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/OE-LBW - A320-214 Austrian - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

EI-EIB - A320-214 Alitalia

I-ADJO - Embraer190 Air Dolomiti

YR-BAZ - B737-405 Blue Air Web OE-LBW - A320-214 Austrian

cta/low/G-EZFY - A319-111 EasyJet - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EI-EWI - B717-2BL Volotea - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/VP-BDT - A320-214 S7 - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EI-RDC - Embraer170 Alitalia - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

G-EZFY - A319-111 EasyJet

EI-EWI - B717-2BL Volotea

VP-BDT - A320-214 S7 EI-RDC - Embraer170 Alitalia

cta/low/G-GATS - A320-233 British Airways - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/5B-DCU - A319-111 Cobalt - CTA 24-08-17.jpg

cta/low/G-EZFY - A319-111 EasyJet - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/D-ABDW - A320-214 Air Berlin - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

G-GATS - A320-233 British Airways

5B-DCU - A319-111 Cobalt

G-EZFY - A319-111 EasyJet D-ABDW - A320-214 Air Berlin

cta/low/G-EZUM - A320-214 EasyJet - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/EC-HUH - A321-212 Iberia - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/G-GATS - A320-233 British Airways - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/D-AEWU - A320-214 Eurowings - CTA 24-08-2017.jpg

G-EZUM - A320-214 EasyJet

    EC-HUH - A321-212 Iberia

G-GATS - A320-233 British Airways G-GATS - A320-233 British Airways

cta/low/G-CPEU - B757-236 TUI - CTA 27-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/IT9999 - Atlantique II Italian Marine - CTA 25-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/10-02- ATR42 Italian Guarda Costiera - CTA 26-08-2017.jpg

cta/low/TF-SIF - Dash-8-300 Iceland Coast Guard - CTA 26-08-2017.jpg

G-CPEU - B757-236 TUI

    IT9109 - Atlantique II Italian Marine

0-02- ATR42 Italian Guarda Costiera TF-SIF - Dash-8-300 Iceland Coast Guard


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