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Located 30 km south of the Russian megalopolis, Domodedovo Airport is the largest in the country. It consists of two parallel runways to the center of which is the important terminal. The two parallel runways are numbered 14L-32R at the north and 14R-32L  an the south. Northern ruways are generally dedicated to arrivals while the southerns are used for departures. Sometimes, however, will make landings on the southern runways, in this case it is Ural aircraft or private aviation that arrive by that track directly to the parking places. The largest airport complex houses day and night many flights from all over the world. The S7 airlines companies, Ural, Rusline, Nordavia, Red Wings, Yamal, Vim, Air Azur and Nordstar have a base in Domodedovo. Other flights are operated by other Russian companies with varied and exotic fleets. European major companies and golf are present to DME, Asian JAL, Vietnam and Singapore Airlines provide daily rotations. Regarding the cargo business, various flights are operated daily. Finally, a maintenance stand hosts various flights mainly charter airlines. Many aircraft at end of life are stored in DME.


dme/low/DME-1.jpg dme/low/DME-2.jpg    
View of terminal View of the terminal and the tower    


Spotting 1st and 3ed June 2016

It is with great enthusiasm for the expected traffic at Domodedovo that we went to discover the traffic. June 1, 2016, the day we arrived, we went to 14L approaches, a great place to immortalize arrivals. With a great sunset light, we shot a few airplanes during a hour. Unfortunately, a change in procedure has forced us to have to go to the other side of the airport to do so arrivals 32R. Finding no point for this web, it's the feeling that we started looking and found a place near a very busy road with unfortunately an axis slightly "below" for decision views and disappearance of light. The second day in Domodedovo, June 3, 2016, was more colorful. The 32R was used for arrivals, we then made the approaches from the spot improvised point of the first day. When it moved on the other side, we went on an adventure in the countryside of southern runway 32L where takeoffs were done. After walking through the fields and tall grass we reached the fence and have dope departures between son, luckily the sun accompanied us making this spot a success! Below is the result of these two very interesting days.


Click on the picture to enlarge, all pictures were made by Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
1st June 2016




dme/low/VP-BPB - B757-231 Azur Air - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BHG - A319-114 S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BOF - A321-211 Ural Airlines - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BOM - A320-214 S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg

VP-BPB - B757-231 Azur Air

VP-BHG - A319-114 S7

VQ-BOF - A321-211 Ural Airlines

VP-BOM - A320-214 S7




dme/low/VQ-BQK - A321-211 S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BFI - CRJ200 Rusline - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BSX - B767-306ER Azur Air - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BQI - B737-5Y0 Nordavia - DME 01-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BQK - A321-211 S7

VQ-BFI - CRJ200 Rusline

VQ-BSX - B767-306ER Azur Air

VP-BQI - B737-5Y0 Nordavia




dme/low/VP-BTN - A319-113 S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BUL B737-8LP S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EZ-A004 - B737-82K Tukmenistan - DME 01-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BBI - B767-328ER S7 - DME 01-06-2016.jpg

VP-BTN - A319-113 S7

VP-BUL B737-8LP S7

EZ-A004 - B737-82K Tukmenistan

 VQ-BBI - B767-328ER S7
 3rd June 2016




dme/low/A6-EIM - A320-232 Etihad - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/9V-SWS - B777-312ER Singapore Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BCS - A320-214 S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-47362 - AN24 Pskovavia - DME 08-06-2016.jpg

A6-EIM - A320-232 Etihad

9V-SWS - B777-312ER Singapore Airline VP-BCS - A320-214 S7 RA-47362 - AN24 Pskovavia




dme/low/RA-67231 - CRJ200 Severstal - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EY-444 - B737-3L9 Tajik Air - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-42368 - Yak42 Izhavia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BDF - B737-8ZS S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

RA-67231 - CRJ200 Severstal

EY-444 - B737-3L9 Tajik Air

RA-42368 - Yak42 Izhavia

VP-BDF - B737-8ZS S7




dme/low/RA-47800 - AN24 Pskovavia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BPO - A321-211 S7 - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BHF - A319-114 S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BCZ - A320-214 Ural Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

RA-47800 - AN24 Pskovavia

VP-BPO - A321-211 S7

VP-BHF - A319-114 S7

VQ-BCZ - A320-214 Ural Airlines




dme/low/VQ-BKW - B737-8ZS S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BOL - CRJ200 UVT Aero - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BOZ - A321-211 Ural Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EW-437PA - B737-8K5 Belavia - DME 08-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BKW - B737-8ZS S7

VQ-BOL - CRJ200 UVT Aero

VQ-BOZ - A321-211 Ural Airlines

EW-437PA - B737-8K5 Belavia




dme/low/RA-73018 - B757-230 VIM Airlines - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EX-37012 - B737-33A Avia Traffic Company - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/UP-CJ005 - CRJ100 Scat - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-85757 - TU154 Alrosa Avia - DME 08-06-2016.jpg

RA-73018 - B757-230 VIM Airlines

EX-37012 - B737-33A Avia Traffic Company

UP-CJ005 - CRJ100 Scat

RA-85757 - TU154 Alrosa Avia




dme/low/RA-42343 - Yak42 Izhavia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/UK-32014 - A320-214 Uzbekistan Airways - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-42326 - Yak42 Saratov Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/JY-AYX - A320-232 Royal Jordanian - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

 RA-42343 - Yak42 Izhavia

UK-32014 - A320-214 Uzbekistan Airways

RA-42326 - Yak42 Saratov Airlines

JY-AYX - A320-232 Royal Jordanian




dme/low/VP-BLT - B757-28A Azur Air - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/UP-Y4204 - Yak42 Kazakhstan - Government - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-64020 - TU204 Red Wings - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BBM - CRJ200 Yamal Airlines - DME 04-06-2016.jpg

VP-BLT - B757-28A Azur Air

UP-Y4204 - Yak42 Kazakhstan

RA-64020 - TU204 Red Wings

VP-BBM - CRJ200 Yamal Airlines




dme/low/VN-A377 - A330-223 Vietnam Airlines - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-73009 - B757-230 VIM Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/A6-EBV - B777-36N(ER) Emirates - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/ER-AXV - A320-211 Air Moldova - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VN-A377 - A330-223 Vietnam Airlines

RA-73009 - B757-230 VIM Airlines

A6-EBV - B777-36N(ER) Emirates

ER-AXV - A320-211 Air Moldova




dme/low/G-MEDL - A321-231 British Airways - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/D-AIZW - A320-214 Lufthansa - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EC-KKS - A319-111 Iberia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EP-TBH - A310-304 Taban Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

G-MEDL - A321-231 British Airways

D-AIZW - A320-214 Lufthansa

EC-KKS - A319-111 Iberia

    EP-TBH - A310-304 Taban Airlines




dme/low/EP-TBH - A310-304 Taban Airlines - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg dme/low/EI-FFW - B737-85F Meridiana - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EW-253PA - B737-524 Belavia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/HB-IJN - A320-214 Swiss (Star Alliance) - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

EP-TBH - A310-304 Taban Airlines

EI-FFW - B737-85F Meridiana

EW-253PA - B737-524 Belavia

HB-IJN - A320-214 Swiss (Star Alliance)




dme/low/JA840J - B787-8 JAL - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-67234 - CRJ200 Severstal - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/TC-AAO - B737-82R Pegasus - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BCS - A320-214 S7 - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg

JA840J - B787-8 JAL

RA-67234 - CRJ200 Severstal TC-AAO - B737-82R Pegasus VP-BCS - A320-214 S7




dme/low/VP-BCS - A320-214 S7 - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg dme/low/VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/ER-AXL - A319-112 Air Moldova - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BRK - B737-5Y0 Nordavia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VP-BCS - A320-214 S7

VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines

ER-AXL - A319-112 Air Moldova

VP-BRK - B737-5Y0 Nordavia




dme/low/VP-BVA - B777-2H6(ER) VIM Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BCZ - A320-214 Ural Airlines - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg dme/low/VP-BHJ - A319-114 S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-89036 - SU100-95LR Yamal - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VP-BVA - B777-2H6(ER) VIM Airlines

VQ-BCZ - A320-214 Ural Airlines

VP-BHJ - A319-114 S7

RA-89036 - SU100-95LR Yamal




dme/low/VQ-BFW - A320-214 Ural Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BKW - B737-8ZS S7 (One World) - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg dme/low/VQ-BNL - CRJ100 Rusline - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BOZ - A321-211 Ural Airlines - DME 03-06-2016b.jpg

VQ-BFW - A320-214 Ural Airlines

VQ-BKW - B737-8ZS S7 (One World)

VQ-BNL - CRJ100 Rusline

VQ-BOZ - A321-211 Ural Airlines




dme/low/VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BSM - A321-231 Yamal Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BRY - Embraer195 Saratov Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines

VQ-BSM - A321-231 Yamal Airlines

VQ-BRY - Embraer195 Saratov Airlines

VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines




dme/low/VQ-BTL - A319-111 VIM Airlines - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BUO - B767-33A(ER) Azur Air - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BVK - B737-8GJ S7 - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BWP - Embraer145 Komaviatrans - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BTL - A319-111 VIM Airlines

VQ-BUO - B767-33A(ER) Azur Air

VVVQ-BVK - B737-8GJ S7

VQ-BWP - Embraer145 Komaviatrans




dme/low/VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8(ER) Ikar (Pegas) - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/RA-64046 - TU204 Red Wings - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BBI - B767-328(ER) S7 - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/EI-ECM - B737-86N Alrosa Avia - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8(ER) Ikar (Pegas)

RA-64046 - TU204 Red Wings

VQ-BBI - B767-328(ER) S7

EI-ECM - B737-86N Alrosa Avia




dme/low/VP-BUH - B757-231 Uzbekistan Airways - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BKT - B737-33R NordStar - DME 03-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BNO - CRJ100 Rusline - DME 04-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VQ-BCB - Embraer120 Rusline - DME 03-06-2016.jpg

VP-BUH - B757-231 Uzbekistan Airways

VP-BKT - B737-33R NordStar

VP-BNO - CRJ100 Rusline

VQ-BCB - Embraer120 Rusline
 8th June 2016




dme/low/AK-AZ81 - B767-32L(ER) Azerbaijan - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/OE-LBP - A320-214 Austrian - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/A7-AHP - A320-232 Qatar Airways - DME 08-06-2016.jpg dme/low/VP-BVH - B767-33AER S7 - DME 08-06-2016.jpg

AK-AZ81 - B767-32L(ER) Azerbaijan

OE-LBP - A320-214 Austrian

A7-AHP - A320-232 Qatar Airways

VP-BVH - B767-33AER S7


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