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The island of Bali belongs to Indonesia and is located in the Java Sea, known mainly in the West as a holiday destination of some luxury. To serve Bali, only one airport, located south of the capital Denpasar. The airport was built on a relatively thin part of the island to such an extent that it was necessary to extend the single runway 09-27 by the west over the water for a distance of nearly one kilometer, to reach a total of 2990m. Domestic terminals are located north of this runway. A general aviation and military terminal is in the south. Runway 09 is generally used with the exception of the summer when the wind comes from the west and therefore it is mostly the 27 that is in use in December and January. From a traffic point of view, the national airline Garuda Indonesia has a base with a few planes including large aircraft, as well as its subsidiary Citilink and its A320 fleet. The low-cost airlines Lionair and Air Asia Indonesia also have a base of a few aircraft. Other flights are operated by Batik subsidiary of the group Lion. The rest of the observed traffic is mainly ensured by the big companies of Southeast Asia (Thai, Malaysia, Singapore Airlines, Cathay, Scoot), China (Eva Air, China Southern, China Airlines) and the Middle East ( Emirates, Qatar). Australia being less than three hours away, many flights are operated by both the large Qantas and low-cost Virgin Australia, Jetstar by medium and large aircraft. From the "Old Continent" we only saw a few KLM weekly flights in 773 making an Amsterdam-Jakarta-Denpasar triangle, which is evident since Indonesia is a former colony born. By the presence of a base, military flights can be observed. We did not see any fret activity.

dps/low/DPS-1.jpg dps/low/dps2.jpg    
View of control tower Terminal view    


We took advantage of a small trip to Bali Island to mark a stop at Denpasar airport. The month of December, however, was poorly chosen in relation to the location of the sun to hope to obtain a very qualitative result. Indeed, located very close to the equator, the light is quickly "overwhelming" except for the first two hours in the morning and two hours before sunset around 18h. In addition, the sun bends suddenly south while the main spots are north ... so we explored the southern areas that are really exploitable in December and January. We chose the small beach of 99999 located southwest of the track to shoot traffic in two different configurations the two days of visit. We also tried the approaches to sunrise in 27 along the busy road while saying between the trees ... a sporting experience! Discover the result below.


Click to enlarge, all pictures are from  Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
29th November 2019




dps/low/PK-LFG - B737-9GPER Lion Air - DPS 29-11-2019b.jpg dps/low/PK-AXU - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GLY - A320-214 Citilink - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LJZ - B737-9GPER Lion Air - DPS 29-11-2019b.jpg

PK-LFG - B737-9GPER Lion Air

PK-AXU - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia

PK-GLY - A320-214 Citilink

PK-LJZ - B737-9GPER Lion Air




dps/low/RP-C4120 - A321-271NX Cebu Pacific - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GTA - A320-251N Citilink - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-AZJ - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-CMS - B737-8BK Sriwijaya Air - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg

RP-C4120 - A321-271NX Cebu Pacific

PK-GTA - A320-251N Citilink

PK-AZJ - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia

PK-CMS - B737-8BK Sriwijaya Air




dps/low/PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GNN - B737-86N Garuda Indonesia - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/A7-BDB - B787-8 Qarar Airways - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/B-1781 - B737-86N China Southern - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg

PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air

PK-GNN - B737-86N Garuda Indonesia

A7-BDB - B787-8 Qarar Airways

 B-1781 - B737-86N China Southern




dps/low/PK-GHA - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/VH-YIU - B737-8FE Virgin Australia - DPS 28-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-AXV - A320-216 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg dps/low/VH-JOX - A320-232 Jetstar - DPS 29-11-2019.jpg

PK-GHA - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia

VH-YIU - B737-8FE Virgin Australia PK-AXV - A320-216 Air Asia Indonesia VH-JOX - A320-232 Jetstar




dps/low/B-16332 - A330-302 Eva Air - DPS 28-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LBT - B737-8GP Batik Air - DPS 28-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air - DPS 28-11-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LUL - A320-214 batik Air - DPS 28-11-2019.jpg

B-16332 - A330-302 Eva Air

PK-LBT - B737-8GP Batik Air

PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air

PK-LUL - A320-214 Batik Air




 3rd December 2019




dps/low/PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GAM - ATR72 Garuda Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GQI - A320-214 Citilink (Retro) - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-AXU - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

PK-WJO - ATR72 Wings Air

PK-GAM - ATR72 Garuda Indonesia

PK-GQI - A320-214 Citilink (Retro)

PK-AXU - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia




dps/low/PK-LGU - B737-9GPER Lion Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-CRE - B737-86N Sriwijaya Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/B-1701 - B737-86N China Southern - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GLP - A320-214 Citilink - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

PK-LGU - B737-9GPER Lion Air

PK-CRE - B737-86N Sriwijaya Air

B-1701 - B737-86N China Southern

PK-GLP - A320-214 Citilink




dps/low/PK-NAP - B737-524 NAM Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/RP-C4120 - A321-271NX Cebu Pacific - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LKL - B737-9GPER Lion Air - DPS 03-122019.jpg dps/low/VH-JQX - A320-232 Jetstar - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

PK-NAP - B737-524 NAM Air

RP-C4120 - A321-271NX Cebu Pacific

RP-C4120 - A321-271NX Cebu Pacifi

VH-JQX - A320-232 Jetstar




dps/low/PK-GHD - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia (Retro) - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GQA - A320-214 Citilink - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-WFR - ATR72 Lion Parcel Wings - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LJI - B737-9GPER Lion Parcel Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

PK-GHD - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia (Retro)

PK-GQA - A320-214 Citilink

PK-WFR - ATR72 Lion Parcel Wings

PK-LJI - B737-9GPER Lion Parcel Air




dps/low/PK-AZK - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-NYU - ATR72 NAM Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GPZ - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GLP - A320-214 Citilink - DPS 03-12-2019b.jpg

PK-AZK - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia


PK-GPZ - A330-343 Garuda Indonesia

PK-GLP - A320-214 Citilink




dps/low/PK-GLJ - A320-232 Citilink - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/B-16333 - A330-302 Eva Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-AXE - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/B-18317 - A330-302 China Airlines - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

PK-GLJ - A320-232 Citilink

B-16333 - A330-302 Eva Air

PK-AXE - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia

B-18317 - A330-302 China Airlines




dps/low/HS-TKD - B777-3D7 Thai - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-AZN - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/A6-ECG - B777-31HER Emirates - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/B-HNX - B777-367 Cathay Pacific - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg

HS-TKD - B777-3D7 Thai

PK-AZN - A320-214 Air Asia Indonesia

A6-ECG - B777-31HER Emirates

B-HNX - B777-367 Cathay Pacific




dps/low/A7-BAZ - B777-3DZ5(ER) Qatar Airways - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-GIF - B777-3U3ER Garuda Indonesia - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/PK-LGT - B737-9GPER Lion Air - DPS 03-12-2019.jpg dps/low/VH-JQX - A320-232 Jetstar - DPS 03-12-2019b.jpg

A7-BAZ - B777-3DZ5(ER) Qatar Airways

PK-GIF - B777-3U3ER Garuda Indonesia

VVPK-LGT - B737-9GPER Lion Air

VH-JQX - A320-232 Jetstar


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