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Dubai is a city best known of the seven emirates that make up the UAE federation. Although neither the largest nor the most populous city, is considered the economic capital and crossroads of the most impressive tourist sites by excess. To drain all the people who travel for tourism, business or goods to and from this great desert city, many flights are operated at various airports and the main the Dubai International Airport located a few kilometers from downtown to the east. DXB Airport consists of an impressive site consists of 4 terminals. T1, 3 and 4 in the new building is located west of the complex, the terminal 2 and the cargo center lie to them when in the east. Two parallel runways 12L-30R and 12R-30L share the traffic. The procedures for using these two tracks are alike every day. Arrivals are usually in the morning sweats 12L, 12R and departures until noon. Following the heating of the air above the desert and the cool air of the nearby sea, the wind shifted from south to north every day usually around noon and it was then that a change of direction use is observed. Arrivals are on the runway 30L and 30R departures. It was around 20h every day that the tracks 12 are used again until the next day. Traffic at night is very impressive and interesting, but it is frustrating to see this wealth of traffic with no chance to take pictures. At sunrise until 9am the traffic is composed almost exclusively of the Emirates fleet. 9 to 12 are the aircraft of the Middle East, of 12a 14h a second wave of planes from Emirates and 15h show a more varied, with Indian, Chinese, and many local cargo until the night. The national carrier Emirates made its impressive fleet of exclusive long-haul models including the smallest copy is an A330 is based, as Fly Dubai's new low-cost locally. Number of companies serve the airport alone, mostly from other emirates, but also the Persian Gulf basin. A very strong cargo business is registered with daily flights to the world with all kinds of different equipment which is full of surprises.
It is not allowed to take pictures of airplanes around the airport. We had to content ourselves with our reporting approach, move away and take pictures from the streets of downtown, where from the terrace of the hotel pool Seiraton Deira which is right next to the corridor approach 12 tracks.

Our trip started spotting 2 April 2011, we boarded the Turkish flight TK1938 BRU-IST (A321 TC-JMF) into Istanbul for four hours of transit to finally board the flight TK760 (A330-300 TC-JNJ) to Dubai arrived at 1:50AM. Direction the hotel for a short night before dedicating the day April 3, 2011 at spotting from the small village Mirdiff. The other days of the week were dedicated to a morning of spotting from the terrace of the hotel and the afternoon to many sightseeing of this beautiful city with a thousand faces high diversity.
During our trip, we really have not had any luck with the weather elements with a sky laden with water vapor, but traffic was in turn above our expectations! The homecoming was to board the flight TK763 DXB-IST aboard an A321 TC-JMJ 9avril the early morning, and after a few hours spotter transit through the terminal window Istanbul we embarked aboard the A330-200 TC-JMG to Brussels. I'll let you discover the impressive crop of photos of traffic, a real pleasure for spotters!


Clic on the picture to see in 1024/750, all the pictures were token by Cedric Valence - Brussels Airport
03-04-2011 to 08-04-2011




D-AALA - B777-FZN Aero Logic

A9C-AC A320-214 Gulfair

A6-FDJ - B737-8KN Fly Dubai

A4O-EA - Embraer170-200 Oman Air




EP-MNG - A300-B4-603 Mahan Air

G-YMMI - B777-236ER British Airways

HZ-ASC - A320-214 Saudi Arabian

N750UP - B747-44AF UPS




S2-ADF - A310-325 Biman Bangladesh

A6-EFE - B777-F1H Emirates Sky Cargo

9K-AKC - A320-212 Kuwait Airways

A6-ERA - A340-541 Emirates





S2-ACQ - DC10-30 Biman Bangladesh

OO-THC - B747-4HAF Emirates (TNT)

 ST-ATB - A300-622R Sudan Airways




EC-KCX - MD83 Swift Air

EI-DZR - A320-212 Rossiya  EP-ASP - Fokker100 Iran Aseman Airlines EP-IAG - B747-286 Iran Air




A9C-AA - A320-214 Gulfair

AP-BGP - A310-324ER PIA

AP-EDA - A320-214 Air Blue

B-KAI - B747-412BCF Cathay Pacific Cargo




A4O-BE - B737-81M Oman Air

A6-ECX - B777-36NER Emirates

A6-FCA - Beech1900 Falcon Express Cargo Airlines

A6-FDD - B737-8KN Fly Dubai




4R-ALD - A330-243 Srilankan

7O-ADR - A310-324 Yemenia

9K-CAJ - A320-214 Jazeera Airways

 9V-SQE - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines




A6-ESF - B737-4Y0 Eastern Skyjets

A6-QFY - C130 United Arab Emirates

A6-JAK - B737-406 Global Jet

A7-ADD - A320-232 Qatar




   A7-AEG - A330-302 Qatar

AP-BFT - B737-340 PIA

EP-ASB - B727-228 Iran Aseman

B-HLV - A330-343X Cathay Pacific




HZ-AKB - B777-268ER Saudi Arabian

JY-AYK - A321-231 Royal Jordanian

JY-JAP - B737-46B Jordan Aviation

JY-JAX - B737-322 Alnaser Airlines




EP-LCC - Fokker50 Kish Air

SET-AND - B777-2B5ER Ethiopian

EZ-A001 - B737-341 Turkmenistan

B-6078 - A330-243 China Southern




N325UP - B767-34AF UPS

N742WA - B747-412BDSF World Cargo

OH-LBT - B757-2Q8 Finnair

    EP-QFB - Yak42 Fars Air Qeshm




SU-GDP - B777-36N Egyptair

UP-B3707 - B737-230 Djibouti Air

VP-BQY - A320-211 Ural Airlines

VQ-BCN - A320-214 Aeroflot




VT-AXN - B737-8HJ Air India Express

VT-JBQ - B737-85R Jet Airways VT-PPA - A321-211 Air India YA-TTC - A320-212 Safi Airways




YI-AQK - B737-7BD Iraqi Airways ex-Jet Tran Air

VT-AXQ - B737-8HJ Air India Express

VT-EPC - A320-231 Indian Airlines

A6-FDN - B737-8KN Fly Dubai




A6-EDK - A380-861 Emirates

D2-TEF - B777-2M2ER TAAG Angola Airlines

D-ABOK - B757-330 Condor

A6-EFE - B777-F1H Emirates Sky Cargo




A7-BAA - B777-3DZ Qatar

A6-ESE - B737-46J Rak Airways

VT-ESE - A320-231 Air India

A9C-BAW - A319-111 Bahrain Air




A6-FCZ - Fokker27F Falcon Express Cargo Airlines

A7-AEO - A330-302 Qatar

A9C-AJ - A320-214 Gulfair

A7-BAA - B777-3DZ Qatar




A6-QFY - C130 United Arab Emirates

A4O-BA - B737-8BK Oman Air

9K-AME - A300-605R Kuwait Airways

A7-ADE - A320-232 Qatar




4L-NAL - B737-2T5 Nas Air Eritrea

7O-ADR - A310-324 Yemenia

A6-EAF - A330-243 Emirates

A6-JUD - B737-306 Global Jet




A6-EMP - B777-31H Emirates

A6-FDL - B737-8KN Fly Dubai

A6-PHH - B737-3Q8 AVE

4R-MRC - A321-211 Mihin Lanka




A9C-KJ - A330-243 Gulfair

AP-BCD - B737-340 PIA

AP-BIW - B737 Iraqi

    AP-EDA - A320-214 Air Blue




B-2422 - B747-4EVF Jade Cargo

B-HUQ - B747-467F Cathay Pacific Cargo

A6-ERD - A340-541 Emirates

D6-CAS - A320-214 Comoros Islands Airways




C-FJHQ - Dash7-103 United Nations

A6-ERT - A340-313X Emirates A6-PHA - B737-2T4 AVE AP-BGQ - A310-325 PIA




D-ACGB - B747-409BSF Air Cargo Germany

EC-LKI - B767-383FER TNT (Gestair) EI-XLB - B747-446 Transaero EK-82224 - MD8 Kish Air




EP-ICE - A300B4-203 Iran Air Cargo

EP-GOL - IL76TD Yas Air

EP-LCC - Fokker50 Kish Air

EP-QFB - Yak42 Fars Air Qeshm




EP-LCF - Fokker50 Kish Air

ET-ANN - B777-2B5ER Ethiopian

HA-FAB - Fokker27F Farnair

HZ-AIP - B747-368 Saudi Arabian




JY-JAX - B737-322 Alnaser Airlines

HZ-ASH - A321-231 Saudi Arabian

N287UP - MD11F UPS

OD-RMI - A321-231 MEA




S2-AFT - A310-325 Biman Bangladesh

SU-GDN - B777-36N Egyptair

UK31002 - A310-324 Uzbekistan Airways

UK31005 - A300-B4622R Uzbekistan Airways Cargo




  UP-B3707 - B737-230 Djibouti Air

VP-BBR - B757-22L Azerbaijan Airlines

VT-AXD - B737-8Q8 Air India Express

YA-TTC - A320-212 Safi Airways




VT-AXN - B737-8HJ Air India Express

VT-AXT - B737-8HG Air India Express

YI-AQK - B737-7BD Iraqi Airways ex-Jet Tran Air

VT-JGP - B737-85R Jet Airways




A6-MDA - A300-D4-203F Midex

A6-MMM - B747-422 United Arab Emirates

A9C-AD - A320-214 Gulfair

EP-IAA - B747-SP86 Iran Air




ET-AJX - B757-260PCF Ethiopian Cargo

EP-IEB - A320-232 Iran Air

EY-538 B737-4Y0 Iraqi Airways

 F-GUOC - B777-F28 Air France Cargo




G-VTOU - A340-642 Virgin Atlantic

Z-AEB - Embraer170-100 Saudi Arabian

N775SA - B777-FZB Thai Cargo  Southern Air

UR-BHJ - MD83 Caspian Airlines





VQ-BAO - B737-4Q8 Donavia



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