Pyongyang Sunan Airport (FNJ-ZKPY)          


Located north of Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, Sunan Airport is the basis of the national airline Air Koryo which uses good old Russian aircraft kept in excellent condition! The airline operates flights with these aircraft to the main cities of the country. International Perspective, Air Koryo operates Tupolev 204 and a brand new Antonov 148 to Beijing and Vladivostok. Only the national airline operates the airport with the exception of a biweekly flight operated by Air China. Air Koryo has IL18, TU134, TU154, TU204, AN24, AN148, IL62 and IL76 the freighter. A 01-19 track 4000M located 3km north of the terminal.



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15, 17 and 19 September 2013




B-633 - TU204-100 Air Koryo

P-671 - AN148 Air Koryo

P-913 - IL76 Air Koryo

P-885 - IL62 Air Koryo




B-5045 - B737-79L Air China

P-552 - TU154 Air Koryo

P-671 - AN148 Air Koryo

P-632 - TU204-300 Air Koryo



        Sondok Airport (DSO-ZKSD)      


Located 200km east of Pyongyang seaside military base Sondok receives charter traffic operated by Air Koryo.


18 and 19 septembre 2013




P-813 - TU134 Air Koryo

P-532 - AN24 Air Koryo

P-561 - TU154 Air Koryo

P-533 - AN24 Air Koryo



        Samjiyŏn Airport (YJS-ZKSE)      


Located 400km north of Pyongyang altitude military base Samjiyon Airport welcomes charter flights operated by Air Koryo to transport tourists to Mount Paektu famous super volcano emblem.


16 September 2013





  P-835 - IL18 Air Koryo

P-835 - IL18 Air Koryo




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