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 Situated at the French frontier, Contrin Airport is close Geneve, and is the secord more important airport of Switzerland. Swiss deserted this field many years ago for the Zurich’s hub, but Easyjet is now there the most important company with many flights operated all over the Europe. Many charters flights are operated from Geneve in the summer and many ski charters come during the winter. The terminal is on the east of the runway called 23-08. There are not many cargos, only some lights post planes, but many private business jets !





View outside of the terminal

View inside of the terminal



Our trip to Geneva starts in Brussels Airport, aboard the Easyjet flight EZA1492 (HB-JZI) in the early morning. After a flight about 1h15, we arrived in the GVA fog, but after few minutes the sun came for a beautiful spotting day. We were lucky, there was some unsusual flights dand very old museum planes. In the evening, we coach the evening flights to Brussels EZA1493.


All the pictures were made by Cedric Valence


2 october 2007




9K-AMA - A300-600R Kuwait Airways HB-IQH - A330-200 Swiss HB-JEK - Dash8 Fly Baboo F-GRGI - Embraer135 Air France

HB-JZJ - A319 Easy Jet

TS-INM - A320 Afriqiyah

OO-DWC - Avro RJ100 Brussels Arlines

TJ-CAC - B767-300ER Cameroon Airlines


CS-TTF - A319 TAP Air Portugal

I-ATRR - ATR72 Alitalia Express

vLN-RPG - B737-683 SAS Scandinavian TS-IMO - A319 Tunisair







HB-IZJ - Saab2000 Darwin

TC-JGK - B737-800 Turkish

UN-85713 - TU154M Berkut Air Service

HB-JZN - A319 Easy Jet


HB-IJL - A320 Swiss

OO-DJX - Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines

PH-BXP - B737-800 KLM

SU-GCD - A320 Egyptair


G-GFFF - B737-53A British Airways

D-AIRB - A321-100 Lufthansa

EC-FHD - MD87 Iberia

D-AVRJ - Avro RJ85 Lufthansa

G-EUPO - A319 British Airways

I-ATRR - ATR72 Alitalia Express

LN-RMU - MD87 SAS Scandinavian

S-INM - A320 Afriqiyah

LX-GVV - B737-7BC(BBJ) Global Jet Luxembourg

VP-BBJ - B737-72U Picton Ltd HB-JQA - Dash8 Fly Baboo F-AZTE - DC-3 KLM

CS-TTN - A319 TAP Air Portugal

A7-ACC - A330 Qatar Airways F-ORMJ - A321 MEA F-GUPG - A318 Air France

4X-EBU - B757-200 ElAl

D-ACKE - CRJ900 Lufthansa Regional EI-RJS - Avro RJ85 City Jet HB-IYS - Avro RJ100 Swiss

TC-SCR - Buisness Jet

A7-ACC - A330 Qatar Airways D-ADHB - Dash8 Lufthansa Regional G-EZAF - A319 easy Jet








HB-IJZ - Saab2000 Darwin

PH-AJU - DC-2 KLM F-BBBE - DC-3 Air France HB-RSC - Loockeed Super Constallation Breitling





OE-GBB - Dornier328 Welcome

OO-DJQ - Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines HB-JEK - Dash8 Fly Baboo  


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