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Situated about 15miles at the north of Helsinki, Vantaa Airport is the most important of Finland, and this is the base of main important companies Finnair, Blue1, Air Finland and Finncom. There are two terminals on the south of a cross made by runways 4R-22L et 15-33. A third runway called 04L-22R stand on the north. Terminal 1 is use for domestic flights, T2 for international. There is a cargo center on the south of the airport, and only some flights operated by Cargolux, DHL, TNT, UPS and Aeroflot Cargo. Point of view passenger, 80% of the flights are operated by Finnair, the rest by Europeans companies. Runways 15-33 are usually used for the arrivals and the departures, 04L and 22L for the landings, and 04R et 22R for the departures. This is a very quiet airport, but between 2 and 6PM there is a crazy rush with many heavies!



View outside of the terminal Vue of the terminal and the tower

View inside of the international terminal

View inside of the international terminal


During our connectig time, few hours in Helsinki to take pictures outside at T1 and T2 trough the windows


25th February  2017




hel/low/OH-ATK - ATR72 Norra - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/OH-ATI - ATR72 Norra - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/OH-LKM - Embrart190 Finnair - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/OH-LTO - A330-302 Finnair - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg
OH-ATK - ATR72 Norra OH-ATI - ATR72 Norra OH-ATI - ATR72 Norra OH-LTO - A330-302 Finnair




hel/low/OH-LKM - Embrart190 Finnair - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/EI-FJI - B737-8JP Norwegian - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/OH-LWB - A350-941 Finnair (One World) - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg
OH-LKM - Embrart190 Finnair EI-FJI - B737-8JP Norwegian     OH-LWB - A350-941 Finnair             (One World) OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair




hel/low/OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair - HEL 25-02-2017b.jpg hel/low/N843J - B787-8 JAL - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg hel/low/SE-LEP - Saab340 Nextjet - HEL 25-02-2017.jpg  
OH-LWC - A350-941 Finnair JA843J - B787-8 JAL SE-LEP - Saab340 Nextjet  


My spotting trip to Helsinki begins on 6 June 2008 in the early morning at Brussels Airport aboard the Lufthansa flight to Munich (CRJ900  LH4615 D-ACKG) We had a very short connection and boarded in the  A320 Lufthansa ( LH3113 D-AIPA ) to Helsinki. One time in the airport, and to get to the other side, we coach the bus number 61 from the terminal to Tikkurlia Stantion, and then bus 46. This bus drives all around the airport. We stop at the approach lights runways 04L and 04R. Later, we went to the next stop for some pictures along runway 04L-22R. We were not lucky for our trip because weather was not very good, and one time at a spotting place, the planes changed of runway… Very frustrating airport! After 3 days, back to BRU with the Lufthansa flight with connection in MUC.


All the pictures were token by Cedric Valence


 6th to 9th June 2008




OH-LBU - B757-200 Finnair OH-ATB - AT42 Finncomm OH-BLU - MD90 Blue1 OO-TAW - Avro Bae146F TNT

OH-LGF - MD11 Finnair

OH-LQB - A340-343 Finnair

TF-FIV - B757-200 Icelandair

OH-LVE - A319 Finnair


OH-SAP - Avro RJ85 Blue1

LY-RUM - ATR42 Danu Oro Transportas

TF-LLY - B757-200 Icelandair (ex - Gir Jet) D-AISL - A321-200 Lufthansa







OH-LBO - B757-200 Finnair

OH-BLC - MD90 Blue1

OH-ATE - ATR72 Finncomm

OH-LXL - A320 Finnair


OO-DJN - Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines

OH-LQD - A340-313 Finnair

OH-LVE - A319 Finnair OH-LQC - A340-313 Finnair

OH-LKF - Embraer190 Finnair

OH-BLF - MD90 Blue1 Star Alliance

OH-LBO - B757-200 Finnair VP-BDQ - MD11F Aeroflot Cargo

OO-DJY - Avaro RJ85 Brussels Airlines

OY-KHP - SAS Star Alliance

OK-CCD - Saab340 Tango OH-LGA - MD11 Finnair

RA-26010 - AN26 UT Air Cargo

SE-LFS - Fokker50 Sky Ways

TC-OGL - A320 Atlas Jet ( Untitled ex- Saudi Arabian ) TC-OGV - A319 Atlas Air

VP-BDQ - MD11F Aeroflot Cargo

SE-RFO - B757-200 TUI Fly Nordic

ES-ASN - Saab340 Estonian LY-KXE - Saab340 Air Aland

LY-BAO - Fokker50 Air Baltic

EI-CDD - B737-500 Rossiya

OH-AFK - B757-200 Air Finland OH-ATG - ATR72 Finncomm

OH-BLC - MD90 Blue1

OH-EBE - Embraer145 Finncomm

OH-LQB - A340-313 Finnair OH-LQB - A340-343 Finnair


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