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Situated about 70 miles from Frankfurt, in the south west, Hahn Airport is a regional airport dedicated to cargo traffic. For few years, Ryanair opened many flights all around Europe. There are no regular lines with other companies, just some charter flights. There are sometimes nice surprises with very old Russians planes, but regular cargo flights are operated by Aeroflot Cargo, Kalitta, Atlas Air, Evergreen and Air Cargo Germany. There is a runway called 21-03 on the west of the passenger terminal and the cargo centre.


All the pictures were made by Cedric Valence


22th August 2013

EI-DWH - B737-8AS Ryanair

N640GT B767-3S1ER Atlas Air B-2422 - B747-4EVF Yangtze River Express 4K-SW800 - B747-4R7F Silkway

   F-HAVN - B757-230 Open Skyes           (British Airways)

N194UA - B747-422 United Charters HB-IEE - B757-23A Privatair N194UA - B747-422 United Charters

4K-SW800 - B747-4R7F Silkway

B-2422 - B747-4EVF Yangtze River Express Cargo EI-EFE - B737-8AS Ryanair N465MC - B747-446 Atlas Air

N465MC - B747-446 Atlas Air

TF-AMV - B747-412 Saudi Arabian (Atlanta Icelandic) N194UA - B747-422 United Charters N640GT B767-3S1ER Atlas Air

N640GT B767-3S1ER Atlas Air

N465MC - B747-446 Atlas Air N465MC - B747-446 Atlas Air N493EV - B747-4H6BDSF Evergreen International



JA4KZ - B747-481F NCA

UR-CGX - Antonov12 Shovkoviy  Shlyah Airlines    



D-ACGD - B747-412BCF Air Cargo Germany

EI-EFJ - B737-8AS Ryanair HA-LWF - A320-232 Wizzair N489EV - B747-230BSF Evergreen International

N489EV - B747-230BSF Evergreen International

N458MC - B747-446BCF Atlas Air OY-SRF - B767-219CF Star Air Maersk /D-ACGC - B747-412BCF Air Cargo Germany




G-PJPJ - B737-5H6 Iceland Express (Astraeus)



16th July 2009

hhn/low/N489EV - B747-200CF Evergreen - HHN 16-07-09.jpg

hhn/low/EI-DAD - B737-800 Ryanair - HHN 16-07-09.jpg

hhn/low/VP-BDR - MD11F Aeroflot Cargo - HHN 16-07-09.jpg

hhn/low/N490EV - B747-200F Evergreen - HHN 16-07-09.jpg

N489EV - B747-200CF Evergreen

EI-DAD - B737-800 Ryanair VP-BDR - MD11F Aeroflot Cargo N490EV - B747-200F Evergreen

hhn/low/G-STRF - B737-700 Iceland Express - HHN 16-07-09.jpg

hhn/low/RA-73009 - B757-200 UN United Nations - HHN 16-07-09.jpg



G-STRF - B737-700 Iceland Express

RA-73009 - B757-200 UN United Nations    



EI-DAE - B737-800 Ryanair

VP-BDR - MD11F Aeroflot Cargo 33115 - C17 Globmaster US Air Force EI-DHN - B737-800 Ryanair

N419MC - B747-400F Atlas Air

D-ACGA - B747-400SF Air Cargo Germany N524MC - B747-200CF Atlas Air N517MC - B747-200CF Atlas Air


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