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In the hearth of the Tyrolean mountains, Innsbruck is the central airport where comes the ski from all over Europe. The terminal on the south of a runway 08-26 sees thousands of tourists the week-end during the winter season. This place is very quiet the rest of the year. Austrians companies like Tyrolean, Austrian, Welcome Air and Airalps are based on this field but main traffic is operated by the Europeans charters companies.


 After a long night in the sleeping train « Bergland Express » from Brussels, we arrived in the early morning at Innsbruck station. We took the bus to the airport, and wee took all the pictures from the observation desk on the roof of the terminal.


All pictures were token by Cedric Valence


5 january 2008




OE-LBE - A321 Austrian LN-RPN - B737-400 SAS Sacandinavian OE-LBE - A321 Austrian - Logo spécial football sur la porte OY-RCB - Avro RJ85 Atlantic Airways (SAS )




OE-LKA - Dornier328 Air Alps Les photos sont prises depuis la terrasse /SE-DSR - Avro RJ85 Malmo Aviation OE-LGF - Dash8-400 Tyrolean




OE-LGH - Dash8-400 Austrian Arrows G-BCAW - Avro RJ100 British Airways G-OOBD - B757-200 First Choice  


6 january 2007




Vue du parking face au terminal Les photos sont prises depuis la terrasse Sur le côté, la plateforme des avions privés Vue de détail des avions

OE-LNN - B737-7Z9 Lauda Air G-OOAE - A321 First Choice OE-HTJ - Dornier328Jet Tyrolean

OH-LXL - A320 Finnair


G-FCLD - B757-200 Thomas Cook

D-AOLT - Saab2000 OLT

OE-LGB - Dash8 Austrian LN-RLE - MD80 SAS Scandinavian







G-MOND - B757-200 Monach

OE-LIR - Dornier328 Welcome Air

OE-LGF - Dash8 Tyrolean

PH-XRC - B737-700 Transavia


VP-BTP - A319 S7 Siberian

OE-LNQ - B737-729 Lauda Air

OE-LVH - Fokker100 Austrian

G-MONB - B757-200 Monach


LN-BUF - B737-405 Braathens

OE-LJR - Dornier328Jet300 Welcome Air

AOY-RCW - Avro BAe146 Atlantic Airways

OO-VMI - Dassault Privé Belge

OE-LVK - Fokker100 Autrian

SE-DSY - Bae Avro RJ100 Malmmo Aviation

G-FCLK - B757-200 Thomas Cook

G-MOND - B757-200 Monach

G-OOAE - A321 First Choice

LN-RLE - MD80 SAS  Scandinavian OE-LFJ - Fokker70 Austrian OE-LGF - Dash8 Tyrolean

OE-LGB - Dash8 Austrian

VP-BTP - A319 S7 Siberian PH-XRC - B737-700 Transavia Vue en soirée des avions garés


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