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Located 15km south -west of Istanbul , the largest city of Turkey, Atatürk International Airport is the largest in the country. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the location attracts many tourists and businessmen. Being close to one of the largest ports also causes many cargo flights . The complex consists of two terminals at the center of three runways. West side, parallels 35L -17R and 35R - 17L are mainly used for departures, and south side the 23-05 greet landings. The national carrier Turkish Airlines currently established its hub with connections to the four corners of the world. The Turkish companies Atlas Jet and Onur Air are also based at IST. Major European companies, from Asia and Middle East serving this airport who’s open 24/24h . About cargo, many flights are operated by various companies. Freight companies ULS Cargo, Turkish Cargo, MNG Cargo and Solinar have established their fleet and offices. A maintenance center regularly hosts exotic flights .

Our spotting trip in Istanbul took place between 28th March and 1St April 2014. Having dedicated a few days for tours, we enjoyed beautiful spring days to practice our favorite hobby. Throughout our stay, the wind turned from north and we went on the Bosphorus coast at sunrise to capture the arrivals runway 05. When the sun turned, we took direction to Fly -Inn Mall. It’s a mall with a terrace overlooking the 35L and 35R tracks to enjoy a sumptuous light to photograph takeoffs till sunset . In the evening, return to the hotel after a good dinner, we saw the departures from the room trough the window of the Blu Radisson. Too bad that this is against the light much of the day, if not for the view pictures of "taxis" to 17L and 17R runways were great!





View of airbone

Ground tower Main tower Inside of Terminal

Click to enlarge, all pictures were taken by Cedric Valence

From30th March till 1St

April 2014



TC-ETM - A321-211 Atlas Jet

9V-SVG - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines

TC-MCE - A300-605F MNG Cargo

VP-BUF - B767-33PER Uzbekistan




TC-JHU - B737-8F2 Turkish Airlines

EZ-A016 - B737-82K Turkmenistan

TC-JJF - B777-3F2ER Turkish

TC-ATD - A319-112 Atlas Jet




TC-JPE - A320-232 Turkish Star Alliance

TC-IZE - B737-86J Pegasus

EP-TBC - MD80 Taban Air

UR-GAZ - B737-55D Ukraine International




EP-MNV - A310-304 Mahan Air

4K-AZ82 - B737-32LER Azerbaijan

9M-MUC - A330-F MAS Kargo

EP-IEF - A320-311 Iran Air




TC-JFH - B737-8F2 Turkish Star Alliance

TC-JGA - B737-8F2 Turkish

EP-MNV - A310-304 Mahan Air

TC-JNP - A330-203 Turkish




VP-CME - B767-231 Midroc Aviation

VQ-BRV - A320-214 Aeroflot

VT-JEN - B777-35RER Turkish (leased Jet Airways)

  YI-AGR - A321-231 Iraqi Airways




TC-JSL - A321-231 Turkish

TC-OCC - A330-322 Sauda Arabian (Atlas Jet)

TC-JUJ - A320-232 Turkish

YI-AQL - B737-7BD Iraqi Airways




69-033 Transal Turkish Air Force

TC-JDO - A330-243F Turkish Cargo

A9C-AO - A320-214 Gulfair

 JY-AYQ - A320-232 Royal Jordanian




TC-JFH - B737-8F2 Turkish Star Alliance

ER-AXV - A320-211 Air Moldova

OD-MRL - A320-232 MEA

TC-JCZ - A310-304F Turkish Cargo




TC-AJT - A320-214 Atlas Jet

98-142 - Casa Turkish Air Force

A6-AEA - A321-231 Etihad

C-MCZ - A330-243F MNG Cargo




YI-AQY - A330-202 Iraqi Aurways

YR-ASC - A318-111 Tarom YI-ARD - A320-214 Iraqi Airways A-ONL - A320-214 Ariqiyah

TC-MNV - A300-605F MNG Cargo

5A-LAS - A330-202 Libyan Airlines

A6-AFB - A330-343X Etihad

A7-ACM - A330-202 Qatar


TC-JDK - A340-311 Turkish Airlines

5A-LAJ - A320-214 Libyan Airlines

A6-AFB - A330-343X Etihad

9M-MRL - B777-2H6ER Malaysia


A7-AEJ - A330-302 Qatar

ER-AXV - A320-211 Air Moldova

A9C-AE - A320-214 Gulfair

EZ-A008 - B737-72K Turkmenistan


F-GRHN - A319-111 Air France

HB-IJB - A320-214 Swiss

HZ-AQC - A330-343X Saudi Arabian

HZ-AS37 - A320-214 Saudi Arabian


HZ-AQG - A330-343 Saudi Arabian

5A-WAT - A320-211 Ghadames Air Transport

EW-340PO Embraer170 Belavia

D-AIDV - A321-231 Lufthansa


TC-ATY - A321-231 Atlas Jet

A9C-AO - A320-214 Gulfair

TC-ATF - A321-211 Atlas Jet

TC-IZE - B737-86J Pegasus


5A-WAT - A320-211 Ghadames Air Transport

TC-ATD - A319-112 Atlas Jet

5A-LAR - A330-202 Libyan Airlines

5A-ONB - A320-214 Ariqiyah


9M-MUC - A330-F MAS Karg

G-BNWX - B767-336ER British Airways

5A-ONB - A320-214 Ariqiyah

HZ-AS34 - A320-214 Saudi Arabian


OE-LBL - A320-214 Austrian

OE-LIV - Challenger600 Vistajet

SP-LNC - Embraer190 LOT

TC-ATD - A319-112 Atlas Jet


5A-LAR - A330-202 Libyan Airlines

TC-JDP - A330-243F Turkish Cargo

TC-JFH - B737-8F2 Turkish Star Alliance SU-GCD - A320-232 Egyptair



HL8258 - A330-323 Asiana Airlines

TC-ATT - A320-233 Atlas Jet

TC-JJE - B777-3F2ER Turkish

HL7752 - B777-2B5ER Korean


TC-JKK - B737-752 Turkish

TC-JHU - B737-8F2 Turkish Airlines

TC-JFH - B737-8F2 Turkish Star Alliance TC-JLJ - A320-232 Turkish








TC-JNG - A330-202 Turkish

TC-MCE - A300-605F MNG Cargo

TC-JKO - B737-752 Turkish

TC-JSK - A321-231 Turkish


TC-SAV - B737-8GJ Anadolu Jet

TC-OBN - A320-232 Onur Air

TC-OBK - A321-231 Onur Air

TC-MCE - A300-605F MNG Cargo


VP-BIQ - A319-111 Rossiya

UR-GAQ - B737-33R Ukraine International

VQ-BRV - A320-214 Aeroflot

TC-SGM - A310-308F ULS Cargo

YI-AGR - A321-231 Iraqi Airways

YI-AQY - A330-202 Iraqi Aurways

YI-AQY - A330-202 Iraqi Aurways

TC-MCE - A300-605F MNG Cargo

TC-JDP - A330-243F Turkish Cargo

 5A-ONB - A320-214 Ariqiyah YR-ASA - A318-111 Tarom SU-GDX - B737-866 Egyptair

P4-XAS - A320-232 Air Astana

4K-AZ38 - B757-256 Azerbaijan SX-BIU - Dash8-400 Olympic YI-ARD - A320-214 Iraqi Airways


YI-AQD - CRJ900 Iraqi Airways

UR-GBE - B737-548 Ukraine International P4-TAJ - B737-93YER Somon Air i


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