Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL - KLIA)                  


Located 50km south of the city of Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia, International Airport consists of two runways oriented 14L-32R and 14R-32L in the midst of which is the international terminal. South of the complex between the two tracks found the cargo center and the low-cost terminal. Malaysia Airlines is based in Kuala Lumpur main terminal and the main airlines serving these facilities. The low-cost terminal itself is home to the Air Asia, Air Asia X, as well as local low-cost airlines such as Jetstar Asia, Tiger, and Mandala. Just west of the complex, a new track and a huge new terminal is under construction and should accommodate a significant increase in traffic in the coming years.



Vue de la petite tour de contrôle Vue de la grande tour

De avions au terminal principal

Vue de l'intérieur du terminal


The ballad spotting in Kuala Lumpur began upon arrival in low-cost terminal. We hardly managed to find a bus to the main terminal, any time, and without price displayed with a price "the head of the customer" and not make money ... Briefly after no less than 25 minutes by turning in multiple highway ramps to the final cover a distance of 3km, we arrive at the main terminal. At the top level is an observation deck where you can see the parked aircraft and taxiway, but this deck is against the light from morning to late afternoon, and we miss all the traffic "low -cost "quite interesting ... I then went in search of another place I found near the main entrance of the terminal to the parking lot "drop-off" in front of the entrance to a small clearing where I could see the airstrip 32R . I moved there for two hours to shoot the traffic I suggest you to discover. Finally, in late afternoon return to low-cost terminal for a few photos through the window just before boarding the flight to Singapore Tiger.


Click to enlage, all pictures were made by  Cédric Valence


26th January 2013


9M-MPL - B747-4H6 Malaysia

9M-MKJ - A330-322 Malaysia

9M-MQB - B737-4H6 Malaysia 9M-MNC - A380-841 Malaysia

9M-MXG - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines

9M-MLR - B737-8FZ Malaysia

9M-MNC - A380-841 Malaysia V8-RBP - A319-132 Royal Brunei

9M-AFL - A320-216 Air Asia

4R-ALJ - A330-243 Srilankan

9M-AFG - A320-216 Air Asia 9M-AQH - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-AQQ - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-MXA - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines

9M-XXB - A330-301 Air Asia X 9V-JSO - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

B-16303 - A330-203 Eva Air

HZ-AK12 - B777-368ER Saudi Arabian

PK-GMA - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia 9M-XXD - A330-301 Air Asia X

9M-AFV - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-AFM - A320-214 Air Asia

9M-AHS - A320-216 Air Asia 9M-NEF - B737-3S3F Neptune Air

9M-XAA - A330-301 Air Asia X

9M-AQP - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-AFE - A320-216 Air Asia 9M-AHO - A320-216 Air Asia


K-RMQ - A320-232 Mandala Airlines

RP-C3238 - A320-214 Cebu Pacific

PK-RMS - A320-232 Mandala Airlines  


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