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Located west of the Los Angeles Californian metropolis by the sea, the International Airport "LAX" consists of several terminals located in the center of two complexes of two parallel runways. The north 24L/06R are for departures while 24R-06L instead used for landings. South of terminals, 25L/07R is used for arrivals while 25R/07L for departures. Traffic is very important in this field, in connection with the many movements of tourists coming to visit L.A. but also from the many theme parks nearby, from where to explore Hollywood. The major american national airlines and low cost will therefore serve this airport, and Southwest, Delta, United, American, Spirit and Skywest have even established their "hub". Many flights in large aircraft from Europe to major companies, but also East Orient via the Pacific Ocean. Pin is in the sights of the few companies using large aircraft such as Virgin Australia, Air Pacific, Philippine, Singapore Airlines A345, the second longest flight of the commercial aviation Singapore - Los Angeles non-stop. To the north there are mainly companies serving the North of the USA, therefore the tracks south of the south USA. Sity a cargo terminal in the extreme south of the tracks south of diversified welcomes flights around the world. Finally, note that the airport, subject of Los Angeles is "Spotter Friendly" which means you never have any problems with security or the police in your favorite sport, and some allow views of interesting photos!

Our trip started spotting 3 March 2012, we took advantage of super specials for U.S. Airways for our flight from Brussels to Los Angeles via Philadelphia. We kept our 'foot down' in Los Angeles, Super8 Motel near approaches  24R, bus or taxi to various points spot, but also for many other hits as Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Santa Monica. Discover now the pictures taken at Los Angeles Airport, here is the 'best of' of 4, 8, 9 and 13 March 2012, both at Imperial Hill, that approach runway 24R and between terminals 1 and 2 for ground views.

Click on image to enlarge, all photos on the page were made by Cedric Valence - Brussels Airport
4, 8, 9 and 13 March 2012




lax/low/A6-EGC - B777-31HER Emirates - LAX 04-03-2012.jpg lax/low/N311US - A310-211 Delta - LAX 04-03-2012.jpg lax/low/F-OSEA - A340-313X Air Thaiti Nui - LAX 10-03-2012.jpg lax/low/B-6050 - A340-642 China Eastern - LAX 10-03-2012.jpg

A6-EGC - B777-31HER Emirates

N311US - A320-211 Delta

F-OSEA - A340-313X Air Thaiti Nui

B-6050 - A340-642 China Eastern




N320AA - B767-223ER American Airlines

HL7613 - A380-841 Korean Air

B-KPC - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

CC-CQE - A340-313X LAN




B-2467 - B747-4J6 Air China

B-16112 - MD11F Eva Air Cargo

B-2435 - B747-481BSF Yangtze River

B-6053 - A340-642 China Eastern




lJA732A - B777-381ER ANA

EI-TAB - A320-214 Taca

DQ-FJL - B747-412 Air Pacific

 SF-OJTN - A340-313X Air Thaiti Nui




N332AA - B767-223ER American Airlines

D-ABVT - B747-430 Lufthansa  4X-ECC B-777-258ER ElAl B-2467 - B747-4J6 Air China




CC-CZU - B767-316ER LAN

A6-ECO - B777-36NER Emirates

B-6053 - A340-642 China Eastern Skyteam

B-6050 - A340-642 China Eastern




N172HQ - Embraer190 Frontier

N177HQ - Embraer190 Frontier

N229UA - B777-222ER United

A740J - B777-346ER JAL




N347AN - B767-323ER American Airlines

B-18206 - B747-409 China Airlines Skyteam

B-16112 - MD11F Eva Air Cargo

JA734A - B777-381ER ANA




N357AT - B737-7BD - Air Tran

B-6050 - A340-642 China Eastern

A6-EGC - B777-31HER Emirates

N344AN - B767-323ER American Airlines




 N414UA - A320-232 United

/N416MC - B747-47UF Polar Cargo

N374DA - B737-832 Delta

N420LA - B767-316FER Mas Air




N484UA - A320-232 United

N502UA - B757-222 United

HL7755 - B777-28EER Asiana Airlines

HP-1537CMP - B737-8V3 Copa Airlines




N525NK - A319-132 Spirit

N530UA - B575-222 United

B-18712 - B747-409F China Airlines Cargo

B-18206 - B747-409 China Airlines Skyteam




N534NK - A319-132 Spirit

N548UA - B757-222 United

N608SK - CRJ700 Delta Connection

 N640DL B757-232 Delta




N681TA - A320-233 Taca

N703SK - CRJ700 United

N701BR - CRJ200 United

N969SW - CRJ200 United




N705DN - B777-232LR Delta

lN717TW - B757-231 Delta Skyteam N768UA - B777-222 United N534NK - A319-132 Spirit




N774UA - B777-222 United

N775AN - B777-223ER American Airlines

N853AE - Embraer145 American Eagle

N856NW - A330-223 Delta




N872GA - MD83 Allegiant

N931TW - MD83 American Airlines

N947FR - A319-111 Frontier

N750AT - B757-212 Delta




N956AN - B737-823 American

N3764D - B737-832 Delta

N876GA - MD83 Allegiant

N610CZ - Embraer175 Delta




VH-OJP - B747-438 Qantas

VH-VPH - B777-3ZGER Virgin Australia

N38268 - B737-824 United

N36207 - B737-824 United




N76064 - B767-424ER United

N25705 - B737-724 United

N971AN - B737-823 American Airlines

N7548A - MD82 American Airlines




XA-AGM - B737-752 Aero Mexico

XA-FPP - A300-203B4F Aero Union

XA-VOB - A319-132 Volaris

XA-WAC - Embraer145 Aero Mexico Connect




XA-FPP - A300-203B4F Aero Union

ZK-NCK - B767-319ER Air New Zealand

B-6053 - A340-642 China Eastern

N380HA - A330-243 Hawaiian




N616FE - MD11F FedEx

VH-VPF - B777-3ZGER Vitgin Australia

HL8212 - A330-223 Korean

    N334SW - B737-3H4 Southwest




HL7615 - A380-861 Korean

C-FHNP - Embraer190 Air Canada

B-KPS - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

C-FMWY - B767-333ER Air Canada Star Alliance




C-GWBF - B737-7CT Westjet

B-2435 - B747-481BSF Yangtze River Express B-2076 - B777-F6N China Eastern Cargo C-FTJP - A320-211 Air Canada




N327SW - B737-3H4 Southwest

F-GZNE - B777-328ER Air France 9V-SKH - A380-841 Singapore Airlines EI-DRE - B737-752 Aero Mexico




N340CA - CRJ700 Delta Connection

B-6051 - A340-642 China Eastern

B-16701 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air

C-FHIS - Embraer170 Air Canada




N323AS - B737-990 Alaska

B-KPF - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

B-2471 - B747-4J6 Air China

G-BNLM - B747-436 British Airways




N318AS - B737-990 Alaska

B-18207 - B747-409 China Airlines

HL7428 - B747-48E Asiana

B-LIE - B747-467ERF Cathay Pacific Cargo




N302AS - B737-990 Alaska

HL7755 - B777-28EER Asiana

N149AT - B737-76N Air Tran

N297SW - Embraer120 Skywest




JA789A - B777-381ER ANA

N210GL - Beech1900 Great Lakes Airlines

D-ABVF - B747-430 Lufthansa

HL7492 - B747-4B5 Korean Air




N508SW - CRJ200 Delta Connection

N411UA - A320-232 United

N178YV - Beech1900 Great Lakes Airlines

G-VWKD - A340-642 Virgin Atlantic




N471CA - CRJ200ER United

JA739J - B777-346ER JAL

N233SW - Embraer120 United

N424QX - Dash8-400 Horizon




N502VL - A319-132 Volaris

N297SW - Embraer120 Skywest

N405SW - CRJ200 Skywest

N425QX - Dash8-400 Horizon




N443QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon

N440UA - A320-232 United

N431QX - Dash8-400 Horizon

N435QX - Dash8-400 Horizon




N494TA - A320-233 Taca

JA716A - B777-281ER ANA N383HA - A330-243 Hawaiian N440QX - Dash8-400 Horizon




N516UA - B757-222 United

 N517AS - B737-890 Alaska N526AS - B737-890 Alaska N535UA - B757-222 United




N539UW - A321-231 US Airways

N541EA - CRJ700 American Eagle  N548AS - B737-890 Alaska  N558JB - A320-232 Jet Blue




N562SW - Embraer120 United

N564SW - Embraer120 Skywest N581UA - B757-222 United N609SW - B737-7H4 Southwest




N622VA - A320-232 - Virgin America

 N627AW - A320-231 US Airways N688AA - B757-223 American Airlines N647SW - B737-3H4 Southwest




N666UA - B767-322 United

N693BR - CRJ200 Skywest  N703SK - CRJ700 United Express  N705AS - B737-490 Alaska




N713SW - B737-7H4 Southwest

N714CB - B737-7H4 Southwest N754AS - B737-4Q8 Alaska N765SK - CRJ700 United Express




N768AA - B777-223ER American Airlines

N768JB - A320-232 Jet Blue N740WA - B747-4H6BDSF World Cargo N713SY - B737-7Q8 Sun Country




N779JB - A320-232 Jet Blue

N782CK - B747-4HQF Kalitta Air  N787UA - B777-222ER United  N798UA - B777-222 United




N816SK - CRJ900 Delta Connection

 N849AE - Embraer145 American Eagle  N860NW - A330-223 Delta N918WN - B737-7H4 Southwest




N929FR - A319-111 Frontier

lN941AN - B737-823 American Airlines  N954WN - B737-7H4 Southwest  N997AM - B737--76Q Aero Mexico




PH-BFP - B747-406M KLM

TC-JJG - B777-3F2ER Turkish VP-BLX - A330-243 Aeroflot VH-OEG - B747-438ER Qantas




VH-OQE - A380-842 Qantas

XA-GMV - B737-752 Aero Mexico XA-VOP - A319-132 Volaris XA-ZLI - Embraer145 Aero Mexico Connect




XA-VOI - A319-132 Volaris

 JA733A - B777-381ER ANA B-2086 - B777-39LER Air China 9V-SGA - A340-541 Singapore Airlines




JA743J - B777-346ER JAL

N806DH - DC8-73F DHL HS-TLD - A340-541 Thai RP-C7471 - B747-4F6 Philippines




C-GBHZ - A319-114 Air Canada

F-GSQI - B777-328ER Air France G-VYOU - A340-642 Virgin Atlantic  N165US - A321-211 US Airways




N333SW - B737-3H4 Southwest

 N628VA - A320-232 Virgin America N621AW - A320-231 US Airways /N611SK - CRJ700 Delta Connection




N633VA - A320-232 Virgin America

 G-VYOU - A340-600 Virgin Atlantic  9V-SGC - A340-541 Singapore Airlines  G-BYGC - B747-436 British Airways




N651SW - B737-3H4 Soutwest

N486UA - A320-232 United N384HA - A330-243 Hawaiian N598UA - B757-222 United




N905FR - A319-111 Frontier

N969SW - CRJ200 United N9302B - MD83 American Airlines Bye bye Los Angeles :-)



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