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Gatwick Airport is the second one more important of London and United Kingdom.  It’s the seven one more important airport of Europe. Long destinations are operated by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Gatwick is a charter airport with many different charter companies from all over the world. Many low-cost companies comes to LGW like Easyjet or Ryanair. Compagnies Thomson Fly, Monarch, Excell, XL and My Travel are based in Gatwick. There are two runways, shorter 26R-08L just in use of some light planes, 26L-08R is used for all the traffic.






View of the aproach lights of runway  26L close the airport terminal where i took the pictures on 10 december 2006





All the pictures were token by Cédric Valence


13 may 2008




EI-DFA - A320 Meridiana SE-DJE - MD90 Fly Excellent HA-LOG - B737-6Q8 Malev               G-VKNI - B767-200 XL                  (couleurs simplifiée)




G-VROS - B747-400 Virgin Atlantic LZ-HVA - B737-4Y0 Hemus Air N271AY - A330-323X US Airways 9A-CDB - MD80 Dubrovnik Airline




EC-KBM - A320 Air Comet G-UKZM - B767-300 Zoom G-VIIO - B777-200ER British Airways G-OMYT - A330-200 Thomas Cook




G-OBYE - B767-300ER Thomson Fly G-VROM - B747-400 Virgin Atlantic (nouveau design couleurs de dérive) C-GLAT - A310 Air Transat G-DOCZ - B737-400 British Airways




N201UU - B757-200ER US Airways G-JECU - Dash8-400 Fly Be N544US - B757-200ER Northwest UR-GAT - B737-528 - Ukraine International




9H-AEI - A320 Air Malta EC-KCU - A320 Clickair G-BWDA - ATR72 Aurigny Air Services G-JEBA - Avro RJ100 FlyBe




G-OOBI - B757-200 First Choice  G-TTOD - A320 Easy Jet ( ex- GB- British Airways ) G-TTOJ - A320 Easy Jet ( Untitled ) 5A-ONA - A320 Afriqiyah




G-FBEG - Embraer195 Fly Be N1602 - B767-200ER Delta Airlines G-XLAD - B737-800 XL G-CDZM - B737-800 Thomson Fly




G-VIIO - B777-200 British Airways G-TTIF - A321 Easy Jet G-WOWD - Dash 8-325 Southwest YL-BBK - B737-33V Air Baltic




G-TTOD - A320 Easy Jet ( ex- GB- British Airways ) OY-VKF - A330-200 My Travel CS-TEX - A310 Oman Air CS-TKL - A320 SATA


10 december 2006




N-120DP - B767 Delta Airlines N-17128 B757-200ER Continental G-VROS - B747-400 Virgin Atlantic G-EZAO - A319 Easy Jet

HA-LOJ - B-737-6Q8 Malev

EI-DLC - B737-800 Ryanair

N-174DZ - B767-200ER Delta Airlines

G-GFFD - B-737-59D British Airways


N-808NW - A330 NorthWest

G-TTOC - A320 British Airways

G-CRPH - A320 My Travel N-18112 - B757-200ER Continental







TS-INC - A320 Nouvelair Tunisie

N-78013 - B777 Continental

G-JEBG - Avro BAe146 FlyBe ( publicite Mansion)

N-325AA - B767-223ER American Airlines


UR-GAL - B737-300 Ukraine International

EI-CDH - B-737-548 Pulkovo

G-BYAH - B757 Thomson Fly G-OOAR - A320 First Choice

9H-ADI - B737-33A Air Malta

VP-BBS - B757-700 Azerbaidjan

G-THOA - B737-5L9 Thomson Fly G-BWDA - ATR72 Aurigny Air Services

CS-TDI - A310-304 TAP

HB-JZJ - A320 Easy Jet

G-WOWD - Dash 8-325 Southwest G-MANS - Avro BAe146 British Airways

A6-EBI - B777-36NER Emirate

G-VKND - B757 Excel

G-VSUN - A340-315 Virgin Nigeria lOY-SEB - B737-8Q8 Sterling

G-MPCD - A320 Monarch

VH-FNF - Fokker50 Skywest

lG-FCLD - B757-200 Thomas Cook G-OOBM - B767 First Choice



G-JEBF - Avro BAe146 Flybe




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