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Located 10km south of Las Palma, the capital of an island called Gran Canaria in the heart of the Canary Islands off the Atlantic Ocean up to the South-East of Morocco and belonging to Spain, the international airport and one of the archipelago and home to a significant charter traffic throughout the year. The weather is constant from 20 to 28 degrees year-round sun and ubiquitous that drains a lot of tourists from northern Europe in lack of sun. The airport consists of a terminal located in the western two runways. The 03L-21R are generally used for arrivals and departures, 03R-21L is used by the military and are open to passenger traffic during rush period traffic, in this case these tracks are specialized in taking off. Throughout the Eastern sea side of the airport is an important military base where the F18 are based in the Spanish army but also observation aircraft and transport. Local companies Binter Canaria Naysa, Islas Airways Serair are based in Las Palma, other relationships are regular Iberia, Spanair and Air Europa. The remaining traffic is carried by charter airlines. The best day of traffic on Saturday with a rush, but you have to go during the week expect to see military aircraft.


Vue du terminal Vue de la tour de contôle Vue intérieure du terminal Vue d'un avion faisant le taxi vers la piste avec le nombreux trafic à l'arrière plan !

Day of spotting 17 to 20 February 2011

The departure for four days is from Charleroi February 17, 2011 aboard the Ryanair flight FR8176 (B737-800 EI-DLT 6E) which after a little over 4 hours of flight deposited us in a paradise of sun and heat, which changes many of the "flat country". Once there, we took a taxi that took us straight to the point spot for + -6 . Once the sun had turned, we bypassed the fence to reach the points of the afternoon until sunset. The return to the airport was via the bus 60 from the fuel station
to the airport where a free shuttle to the hotel we waited for Vecindario Aeroporto well deserved rest. We did a copy / paste the following days to finally return home aboard the flight Thomas Cook FQ7647 (A320-200 OO-TCP 30F) Sunday, February 20, 2011 where the return in the cold and darkness of the northern Europe, we have done well regret having left this paradise!

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Valence - Brussels Airport




EC-GTM - Beech1900C Serair

EC-JCD - ATR72 Islas Airways

EC-KGI - ATR72 Binter Canarias (Naysa)

C-JVE - A319-111 Iberia




D-ATUH - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

D-ATUD - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

D-ATUF - B737-8K5 TUI Fly Hapag-Lloyd Retrojet

D-ATUE - B737-8K5 TUI Fly




EC-KEM - Airtech CN-235 MPA Persuader - Sociedad Estatal de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima

EC-KNO - ATR72 Islas Airways

EC-KYZ - A320-212 Iberworld

EC-KYZ - A320-212 Iberworld




C-KJD - A320-216 Vueling

4551 - A310-304 Spain Air Force

CC-BCC - A319-132 LAN

 D2-02 - F27-200 MAR Maritime




EC-IIH - A340-313X Iberia

EC-KUR - ATR72 Islas Airways  3551 - CASA C-295M Spain Air Force EC-IJN - A321-211 Iberia




EC-LGF - ATR72 Binter Canarias (Naysa)

EC-IJS - CRJ200 Iberia Air Nostrum

D-AGWL - A319-132 Germanwings

D-ABKO - B737-86J Air Berlin




HB-IHX - A320-214 Edelweiss

HB-IOS - A320-214 Air Berlin

LN-DYG - B737-8PJ Norwegian

LX-LGT - B737-8K5 Luxair




OE-LEE - A320-214 Niki

OH-AFI - B757-2K2 Air Finland

OH-LBR - B757-2Q8 Finnair

   OO-VAC - B737-8BK Jetair Fly




OH-LTT - A330-302E Finnair

OO-VAC - B737-8BK Jetair Fly

EOY-JTC - B737-3L9 Jettime

OY-PSC - B737-8Q8 Primera




   OY-MRE - B737-7L9 Sterling          (Cimber Air)

D-AHFY - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

OY-TDB - B737-8K2 Transavia DK

OY-VKA - A321-211 Thomas Cook Scandinavia




OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia

OY-VKM - A320-214 Thomas cook Scandinavia

OY-JTE - B737-3L9 Jettinme

CS-TRD - Dash8-400 Sata




PH-TFA - B737-8K5 Arke Fly

SE-DZN - B737-804 TUI Fly Nordic

OY-VKI - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia

SE-RDP - A321-231 Novair 




SP-ENZ - B737-85F Enter Air

SE-RFP - B757-204 Tui Fly Nordic

SP-ENZ - B737-85F Enter Air

    EC-KSG - ATR72 Binter Canarias




3551 - CASA C-295M Spain Air Force

4551 - A310-304 Spain Air Force

C-FTGI - DC3 Bell Geospace Aviation

C-FTGI - DC3 Bell Geospace Aviation




D-ABAG - B737-86J Air Berlin

D-ABCC - A321-211 Air Berlin D-ABOI - B757-330 Condor D-AHFH - B737-8K5 TUI Fly




EC-HEZ - ATR72 Binter Canaria

EC-ICL - A320-232 Spanair

EC-JBJ - B737-85P Air Europa

EC-KUR - ATR72 Islas Airways




EC-LGF - ATR72 Binter Canarias (Naysa)

EI-DNA - B757-231 Blue Panorama 

EI-STA - B737-31S Europe Airpost

G-BYAX - B757-204 Thomson Fly




LN-DYH - B737-8PJ Norwegian

LN-NOL - B737-8Q8 Norwegian - 6000th Boeing 737's series

HB-JZK - A319-111 Easyjet Switzerland

OO-JAO - B737-7K5 Jetair Fly




OY-PSF - B737-7Q8 Primera

PH-AAY - A320-232 Amsterdam Airlines

G-OOBB - B757-28A First Choice

D-ABBD - B737-86J Air Berlin




EC-HGP - B737-85P Air Europa

EC-KUR - ATR72 Islas Airways

G-OOAR - A320-214 First Choice

EI-DWE - B737-8AS Ryanair




SE-RDN - A321-231 Novair

LN-DYC - B737-8JP Norwegian

LN-DYH - B737-8PJ Norwegian

OY-PSE - B737-8Q8 Primera




PH-AAY - A320-232 Amsterdam Airlines

EC-JEV - ATR72 Binter Canarias

/EC-KKZ - ATR72 Islas Airways

G-TCAC - A320-232 Thomas Cook




OH-LTT - A330-302E Finnair

D4-CBQ - ATR42 Halcyon Air

PH-HZN - B737-8K2 Transavia

    OH-LBT - B757-2Q8 Finnair




lLN-NOF - B737-86N Norwegian

D-ATUA - B737-8K5 TUI Fly 

CS-TDI - A310-304ET White Airways

D-AICC - A320-212 Condor




EI-DYT - B737-8AS Ryanair

EI-DVJ - A320-214 Aer Lingus EC-LJI - B737-301SF Swiftair Cargo EC-KMU - Bell 412EP Helisureste


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