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Thirth more important airport in UK is Manchester International. This is the main charter base for Thomson Fly, Monarch, Thomas Cook, First Choice, XL, FlyBe. Other companies British Airways, BMI, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic operate regulars flights all over the world. A cargo center see everydays some heavy cargo planes of Catay Pacific, Dragonair, Fed Ex, Kalitta, Great Wall, and TNT.

There are 4 terminals in Manchester, in the west of two runways 05L-23R and 05R-23L. Departures are usually from runways 23L or 05R, landings on the 23R or 05R. in the afternoon, the traffic dies and just runway 05L-23R stay in use.


View of the terminal, the tower and a plane at departure runway 05L

View of buisness jets parking

View of charter planes front of terinal

Many planes, big traffic


All the pictures were made by Cedric Valence



16th July 2014

C-FMWQ - B767-333ER Air Canada Rouge

G-TUIE - B787-8 Thomson

CS-TMT - A330-332 Flynas

G-OOBM - B767-324ER First Choice


G-TCDD - A321-211 Thomas Cook

C-GPAT - A310-308 Air Transat

OM-AEX - B737-4YO Air Explore

G-DAJC - B767-31K Thomas Cook


G-GDFO - B737-3U3 Jet2 Holidays

G-ZBAO - A321-231 Monarch

G-EZUI - A320-214 EasyJet

G-FBJI - Embraer170 FlyBe


G-EZFR - A319-111 EasyJet

EI-FCZ - ATR72 Aer Lingus

D-AGEP - B737-75B Germania

AP-BGK - B777-240ER PIA





G-CELC - B737-33A Jet2

G-MRJK - A320 Monarch

       OY-KBL - A321-232 SAS

OH-BLG - B717-2CM Blue1


24th August 2012

A6-EMR - B777-31H Emirates

A7-ACE - A330-203 Qatar

C-GTSR - A330-243 Air Transat

G-EUPG - A319-131 British Airways


LN-RCN - B737-883 SAS Scandinavian

N190AA - B757-223 American

OH-LKL - Embraer190 Finnair

OY-VKF - A330-243 Thomas Cook Scandinavia


SE-DIL - MD82 Scandinavian

N275AY - A330-323X US Airways

G-EUPC - A319-131 British Airways

G-MDBD - A330-243 Thomas Cook


G-VROY - B747-443 Virgin Atlantic

G-SMAN - A330-243 Monarch

G-ZEBS - ATR42 Blue Islands

TF-IST - B757-256 Icelandair

man/low/EI-CPT - ATR42 Aer Lingus Regional - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg

man/low/G-GDFC - B737-8K2 Jet2 - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg 

man/low/LY-FLJ - B737-3K2 Untitled (Small Planet Airlines) - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg 

man/low/G-GDFB - B737-33A Jet2 Holidays - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg 

EI-CPT - ATR42 Aer Lingus Regional

G-GDFC - B737-8K2 Jet2

        LY-FLJ - B737-3K2 Untitled                (Small Planet Airlines)

G-GDFB - B737-33A Jet2 Holidays

man/low/G-GDFB - B737-33A Jet2 Holidays - MAN 24-08-2012b.jpg

man/low/D-ALCC - MD11F Lufthansa Cargo - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg

man/low/G-TCDA - A321-211 Thomas Cook - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg

man/low/G-GDFJ - B737-804 Jet2 holidays - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg

G-GDFB - B737-33A Jet2 Holidays

D-ALCC - MD11F Lufthansa Cargo

G-TCDA - A321-211 Thomas Cook

G-GDFJ - B737-804 Jet2 Holidays

man/low/LX-STA - A320-212 Strategic - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg

man/low/LX-STB - A320-212 Strategic - MAN 24-08-2012.jpg



LX-STA - A320-212 Strategic

LX-STB - A320-212 Strategic



14 may 2008




A6-EYI - A330-200 Etihad G-OOAN - B767-300ER First Choice HB-JVC - Fokker100 Helvetic YL-LCC - A320 Lat Charter

N396AN - B767-200ER American

G-BWDA - ATR72 Aurigny

S5-AAM - B737-500 Adria

G-WOWD - Dash8 Southwest


N194141 - B757-200ER Continental

G-FCLI - B757-200 Thomas Cook

G-WWBB - A330-200 BMI N272AY - A330-200 US Airways






OO-VLJ - Fokker50 VLM

G-BYAS - B757-200 Thomson Fly

G-WWBM - A330-200 BMI

LN-ROY - MD80 SAS Scandinavian



OH-LKI - Embraer190 Finnair

N713TW - B757-200 Delta Airlines AP-BGY - B777-200ER PIA

G-OBYE - B767-200ER Thomson Fly

G-JEBF - Avro RJ85 Fly Be

EI-UND - B767-300ER Transaero G-WWBM - A330-200 BMI

B-KAF - B747-400 Cargo Dragonair

RA-85709 - TU154 Atlant Soyuz

G-OOMB - B767-300ER First Choice EI-REG - ATR72 Aer Arann

RA-85740 - TU154 Atlant Soyuz

G-EJUN - A320 British Airways

RA-73000 - B737-600P Gazprom D-AHBI - A300-600R Lufthansa

C-GZNC - B767-200ER Zoom

G-LSAC - B757-200 Jet2

EI-DZH - B767-300ER Rossiya A6-ECB - B777-300ER Emirate

RA-42385 - Yak42 Liehtp Abna

HB-JVE - Fokker100 Helvetic

G-CELV - B737-500 Jet2 EI-DWF - B737-800 Ryanair

OM-NGD - B737-700 Skyeurope

P4-VNL - A319 Private

G-MRJK - A320 Monarch G-RJXO - Embraer145 BMI

EI-CSS - B737-800 Ryanair

G-VCED - A320 Thoms Cook

G-TOYH - B737-300 BMI Baby G-ERJB - Embraer145 Fly Be

G-THOH - B737-500 Thomson Fly

EI-REG - ATR72 Aer Arann

G-TTOC - A320 Easy Jet G-CELI - B737-500 Jet2

G-OZBN - A321 Monarch

HB-IXR - Avro RJ100 Swiss

G-OAJC - B767-200 Thomas Cook   (couleurs simplifiées) OO-DWG - AvroRJ100 Brussels Airlines

OK-XGE - B737-500 CSA

PH-BTG - B737-400 KLM

F-GLIS - Fokker70 Air France G-JECT - Dash-400 Fly Be


D-AONE - Embraer135 Velvet Jets

G-MAJJ - Jetstream Eastern G-EMBI - Embraer145 FlyBe

N597FE - MD11F FedEx

AP-BHW - B777-300 PIA

G-BNWY - B767-200 British Airways G-OBYI - B767-200ER Thomson Fly


G-VGAL - B747-400 Virgin Atlantic

9V-SVC  B777-200 Singapore Airlines

G-XLAI - B737-800 XL  


17 may 2008


G-WWBB - A330-200 BMI

LZ-BHC - A320 Balkan Holidays

lG-VROM - B747-400 Virgin Atlantic EC-ECP - A330-300 Iberworld

EI-REM - ATR72 Aer Arann

5B-DBR - B737-800 Euro Cypria

AP-BHW - B777-300 PIA TC-KTD - A321 KTHY



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