Opa Locka Airport - ( OPF - KOPF ) 


Situated at about 25 miles from Miami, Opa Locka Airport is a little airport dedicated to buisness traffic with many private jets. Old planes are stored at this place, it made a little museum with many interesting peaces like DC8 Korean, un A310 Air Comet, un DC10 Gemini Air Cargo, un DC10 Aeroflot Cargo, un 727 Platinium ou encore un DC8 Arrows. Some aviation anthousiasts repair old cargo planes who are still in use like DC3, DC4 and Convair.






opf/low/OPF1.jpg opf/low/OPF2.jpg opf/low/OPF4.jpg  
View of the Opa Locka's tower View of some planes on the parking still in use and in a perfect state ! Some old planes stored.  


Clic on the pictures, all the pictures were made by CÚdric Valence


16th May 2009




opf/low/N70BF - DC4 - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N119F - DC4 - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N141FL - Convair IFL Group Cargo - MIA 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N381AA - DC7 American Airlines - OPF 16-05-09.jpg
N70BF - DC4 N119F - DC4 N141FL - Convair IFL Group Cargo N381AA - DC7 American Airlines




opf/low/N119F - DC4 - OPF 16-05-09b.jpg opf/low/JZ-KCV - B747-200 Air Plus Comet - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N128NA - B727 Amerijet - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N696CA -, B727 Champion Air - OPF 16-05-09.jpg
N119F - DC4 - JZ-KCV - B747-200 Air Plus Comet N128NA - B727 Amerijet N696CA -, B727 Champion Air




opf/low/N381AA - DC7 American Airlines - OPF 16-05-09b.jpg opf/low/N705GB - DC3 - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N836D - DC7 Eastern Airlines - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N927RC - DC9 Northwest - OPF 16-05-09.jpg
N381AA - DC7 American Airlines N705GB - DC3 - N836D - DC7 Eastern Airlines N927RC - DC9 Northwest




opf/low/YV1854 - DC3 - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/PZ-TCO - B737-500 Surinam Airways - OPF 16-05-09.jpg opf/low/N720CH - B737-700 Untitled Private - OPF 16-05-09.jpg  
YV1854 - DC3 - PZ-TCO - B737-500 Surinam Airways N720CH - B737-700 Untitled Private  



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