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Located about 22 miles north of Oslo, the Gardermoen Airport is the Norwegian busiest one. There are a domestic and an international terminal in the center of two runways 01L-19R et 01R-19L like a “H”. The landings are usually on the follwing  runways : 01R et 19R, the departures on the 01L et 19L. The main airlines based in Oslo are SAS Norge, Braathens and Norwegian. A cargo terminal on the south-west side meet every evening a lot of flights operated by DHL, UPS, TNT with A300F planes, and Korean with a B747-400F, the Oslo’s biggest visitor. A second post terminal on the west side meet many post services little planes.



View outside of the terminal

View inside of the terminal

View of the parking

View of the tower and the radar


My Oslo’s trip begins at Brussels Airport in the early morning, boarding in the Brussels Airlines flight SN2282 (Avro RJ100 OO-DWH). I arrive at Oslo after 2 hours, it’s just time to walk about 45 minutes to take some pictures of the approach runway 01R. In the evening, I left this place and  walked to the terminal where i coached the free “Car Park” bus to the “Hotel Gardermoen” situated near the approach lights runway 01L. I went to this spotting place to take some pictures of the cargos and regional planes that use to arrive on this runway during the sunset, the light was  good till about 11PM ! I slept in this Gardermoen Hotel, the best and cheaper around the airport. The second day and after a short night, I took the bus to the terminal and walked about 1 hour to the approach lights on the east side of the runway 01R. The light was okay from 4.30AM ! About 11AM, the wind changed and the runway 19L was in use for departures. I took some pictures till 1PM and I finally took a taxi to the 19R approach lights in the other side of the airport. I stayed there to take several pictures of the touchdown till the sunset. The third and last day, I went in the city center for some visits and a flew back home with the Brussels Airlines flight SN2284 (Avro RJ100 OO-DWE).


Click on the picture to see in high resolution. All the pictures are made by Cédric Valence


Le 24 june 2008




LN-BRR - B737-505 Braathens EC-IOR - B737-382 Hola Airlines LN-BRM - B737-505 SAS Scandinavian LN-KKM - 3Y0 Norwegian

LN-KKN - B737-3Y0 Norwegian

LN-TUF - B737-706 Braathens

TF-JXC - MD83 JetX Primera

LN-TUL - B737-705 SAS Scandinavian


OY-VKC - A321 My Travel Nordic

SE-RDO - A321 Novair

AP-BGK - B777-200 PIA

SE-DJY - Avro RJ85 SAS Scandinavian (Transwede )


OK-EGP - B737-45S CSA

OY-CIU - ATR42 Danish Air Transport

OO-DLI - A300F DHL LN-KKS - B737-33A Norwegian






LN-WFP - Dash8-400 Wideroe

TF-FID - B757-200F TNT

SE-KXG - Saab340 Goldenair Poste

SE-LGV - British Aerospace ATP West Air Europe Cargo


Le 25 juin 2008


LN-KKF - B737-3K2 Norwegian

LN-RRL - B737-400 SAS Scandinavian (Star Alliance)

ES-ABK - B737-300 Estonian LN-KKH - B737-3K2 Norwegian

LN-KKT - B737-3L9 Norwegian

LN-KKW - B737-3K9 Norwegian

LN-KKX - B737-33S Norwegian LN-KKU - B737-3L9 Norwegian

LN-KKY - B737-33S Norwegian (special colors)

LN-RMP - MD87 SAS Scandinavian

LN-NOC - B737-81Q Norwegian LN-TUF - B737-706 Braathens

LN-TUJ- B737-706 SAS Scandinavian

LN-KKQ - B737-36Q Norwegian

OY-MRJ - B737-7L9 Sterling OH-BLD - MD80 Blue1

YL-BBE - B737-500 Air Baltique

LN-BRS - B737-505 SAS Scandinavian

LN-RRE - B737-800 SAS Scandinavian LN-KKE - B737-3K2 Norwegian

D-ACRD - CRJ200 Eurowings

G-STRH - B737-500 Astraeus

LN-KKG - B737-3K2 Norwegian LN-NOC - B737-81Q Norwegian

LN-KKL - B737-36N Norwegian

LN-KKY - B737-33S Norwegian ( special colors )

9A-CDA - MD80 Dubrovnik Airline LN-KKZ - B737-33S Norwegian (special colors)

LN-NOD - B737-81Q Norwegian

LN-RRL - B737-400 SAS Scandinavian (Star Alliance)

OY-MRC - B737-7L9 Sterling PH-BGB - B737-8K2 KLM

LN-BRH - B737-600 SAS Scandinavian

EC-KBQ - A320 Iberworld

LN-KKL - B737-36N Norwegian LN-KKZ - B737-33S Norwegian (special colors)

OY-CIU - ATR42 Danish Air Transport

SE-MAH - British Aerospace ATP West Air Europe Cargo

LN-RNC - Fokker 50 SAS Scandinavian SE-DUX - CRJ200F West Air Europe

LN-RRT - B737-800 SAS Scandinavian

SE-MAP - British Aerospace ATP West Air Europe Cargo

TC-APJ - B737-800 Pegasus SE-DZN - B737-800 TUI Fly Nordic

Le 26 juin 2008



LN-RRT - B737-800 SAS Scandinavian

RA-85810 - TU154 Aeroflot

RA-54899 - IL96 Silk Way  



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