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Located 15km north of Bucharest the capital of Romania, Henri Coanda International Airport is the largest in the country . It consists of a terminal in the center of two parallel runways 08L/26R the north and south of the 08R - 26L . While south of the resort is an extensive military base. Generally, runways 26L and 08R are used for landings , while 26R and 08L are dedicated to departures . Few airplaines don't follow that rule. The national airline Tarom is established OTP . This is where all the planes are based and are the offices of the company. Low cost companies  Blue Air Web and Wizzair have also established their base in this field. The site is served by major European national companies. Cargo flights are operated daily by various companies express mail. Finally, some military flights drain troops from America with plenty of cargos.




View of the control tower

Bucharest Airport from outside

Picrture from inside the terminal



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14th February 2014




 ER-EMA - Embraer120 Air Moldova

HB-AFM - ATR72F Farnair


G-BMRA - B757-236SF DHL




TC-JPC - A320-232 Turkish Airlines

4X-EKO - B737-86Q Up Airlines

HA-LWN - A320-232 Wizzair

SX-DVS - A320-232 Aegean




YR-ASB - A318-111 Tarom 

YR-ATC - ATR42 Tarom Skyteam

YR-BGS - B737-8GJ Tarom

R-BGF - B737-78J Tarom Skyteam




YR-ATE - ATR42 Tarom

YR-ATH - ATR42 Tarom

2702 C-27J Spartan Romanian Air Force

YR-ASD - A318-111 Tarom




YR-BGB - B737-38J Tarom

YR-ATI - ATR72 Tarom YR-BAJ - B737-430 Blue Air Web YR-BAE - B737-4Y0 Blue Air Web




8610 - C130 US Air Force

VQ-BCP - A319-111 Aeroflot

RA-26226 AN30 Open Skies

H-BXL - B737-8K2 KLM




G-EUUR - A320-232 British Airways

F-HEPC - A320-214 Air France

A7-AHW - A320-232 Qatar Airways

D-AIPH - A320-211 Lufthansa




HA-LPY - A320-233 Wizzair

G-EZDS - A319-111 EasyJet

EI-IKU - A320-214 Alitalia

K-NEM - A319-112 CSA




D-ABNE - A320-214 Air Berlin

D-AECE - Embraer190 Lufthansa Regional

A6-FDW - B737-8KN Fly Dubai

N760NA - B767-39HER North American





YR-OTH - MD80 Ten Air



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