Everett Snohomish County Airfield ( PAE - KPAE )                                                                                                                                                          


Located 20km north of Seattle, the Snohomish County, is the huge new Boeing plant, the largest in the world! Such a small city within a city, this is one of those assembly lines that come out today 747 aircraft type 767, 777 and 787 The main runway 16R-34L is designed for many test flights, touch and go, and delivery devices built on the site. 16L-34R shorter runway accommodates light aircraft. To transport entire segments of planes will be assembled on site, the B747 "Dream Lifter" conduct an airlift with the various construction sites Boeing in other states of the USA and Japan to factories and Italy. Depending on the day, it may have nothing as traffic at this airport, as chance may conversely have several deliveries, testing, with aircraft with very exotic colors! Finally, north-west of the site is the museum "Future of Flight" from where the guided tours of the factory and a museum on the factory and the creations of the company for many years.






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28th June 2014




LX-VCK - B747-8R7F Cargolux B-2048 - B777-31B(ER) Untitled China Southern N476AF - Metroliner II Ameriflight B-2048 - B777-31B(ER) Untitled China Southern




/N718BA - B747-4H6LCF Dreamlifter N1015X - B787-8 Untitled N28912 B787-8 United N718BA - B747-4H6LCF Dreamlifter


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