Shanghai Pudong International Airport ( PVG - ZSPD )                         


Shanghai is the second largest city in China, a true economic capital. The population density is very concentrated. In order to serve the metropolis and open up to the world, the Shanghai PVG Airport is the biggest, it is truly a gateway to the country. It is located east of the Huangpu River, on the shore of Pudong which gave it its name. The chosen terrain is, however, located 40km from the city center. The two large terminals are in the center of twice two parallel runways oriented "north-south". In the West the 17R-35L are used for arrivals while the 17L-35R are intended for takeoffs. The west side T1 is mainly destined for China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines and Skyteam Group airlines. The East T2 welcomes the rest of the traffic, and to the east of the latter are the two other runways 16R-34L for takeoffs and 16L-34R for landing. A fifth track all the way east, numbered 15-33, has been built but is not used yet. A major freight terminal is beating tons of goods arriving or departing on numerous cargo flights. Chinese airlines serve Shanghai throughout the day, both for long-haul domestic flights. Air China, Eastern, Southern, Hainan, but also the low-cost airlines including Spring Air and Juneyao Airlines make up the vast majority of flights. Other routes are operated by major airlines in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Let's enjoy a long match in Shanghai between flights to try to give yourself the joys of spotting. It must be said that our favorite sport is far from always easy ... The weather, the position of the sun, the wind direction, the procedure, the chance of the terminal on which we were supposed to arrive ... But sometimes the chance did well and during the few hours in the afternoon at Terminal 2, runways 16R and 16L were used. The sun finally broke through the usual smog layer on the region and we took the opportunity to photograph the zincs that passed in front of us, a "flightreport" well imaged to get a good idea of ​​the traffic in Shanghai Pudong.

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3rd April 2018




pvg/low/B-1003 - A321-231 Juneyao Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-1845 - A321-231 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/9M-MTL - A330-323 Malaysia Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/VN-A608 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

  B-1003 - A321-231 Juneyao Airlines

B-1845 - A321-231 China Southern

9M-MTL - A330-323 Malaysia Airlines

VN-A608 - A321-231 Vietnam Airlines




pvg/low/JA828A - B787-8 ANA - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-2738 - B787-8 Suparna Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-5703 - B737-89P Shanghai Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/JA708J - B777-246ER JAL One World - PVG 03-04-2018b.jpg

JA828A - B787-8 ANA

B-2738 - B787-8 Suparna Airlines

B-5703 - B737-89P Shanghai Airlines

JA708J - B777-246ER JAL One World




pvg/low/JA708J - B777-246ER JAL One World - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/ET-AUA - A350-941 Ethiopian Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/C-GHPY - B787-8 Air Canada - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/N814AA - B787-8 American Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

JA708J - B777-246ER JAL One World

ET-AUA - A350-941 Ethiopian Airlines

C-GHPY - B787-8 Air Canada

N814AA - B787-8 American Airlines




pvg/low/B-6948 - A320-214 Juneyao Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/9V-SKJ - A380-841 Singapore Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-5346 - B737-8BK Hainan Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-2078 - B777-2FZ China Eastern Cargo - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

B-6948 - A320-214 Juneyao Airlines

9V-SKJ - A380-841 Singapore Airlines

B-5346 - B737-8BK Hainan Airlines

B-2078 - B777-2FZ China Eastern Cargo




pvg/low/B-6919 - A321-231 Air China - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-2695 - B737-81B China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/A6-EES - A380-841 Emirates - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6840 - A320-214 Spring Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

B-6919 - A321-231 Air China

B-2695 - B737-81B China Southern A6-EES - A380-841 Emirates B-6840 - A320-214 Spring Airlines




pvg/low/JA16KZ - B747-8KZF NCA Cargo - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6533 - A330-243 Air China - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6552 - A321-231 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/C-FRAM - B777-333ER Air Canada - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

JA16KZ - B747-8KZF NCA Cargo

B-6533 - A330-243 Air China

B-6552 - A321-231 China Southern

C-FRAM - B777-333ER Air Canada




pvg/low/D-AIHA - A340-642 Lufthansa - 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/A7-BAQ - B777-3DZ Qatar Airways - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6820 - A320-214 Spring Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6703 - A320-214 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

D-AIHA - A340-642 Lufthansa

A7-BAQ - B777-3DZ Qatar Airways

B-6820 - A320-214 Spring Airlines

B-6703 - A320-214 China Southern




pvg/low/HL8059 - A321-231 Asiana Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-8163 - A321-211 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-8849 - A321-211 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-9920 - A320-214 Spring Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

HL8059 - A321-231 Asiana Airlines

B-8163 - A321-211 China Eastern

B-8849 - A321-211 China Southern

B-9920 - A320-214 Spring Airlines




pvg/low/B-HLM - A330-343 Cathay Pacific - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-5141 - B737-84P China Xinhua Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

B-HLM - A330-343 Cathay Pacific

B-5141 - B737-84P China Xinhua Airlinese

B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern

B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern




pvg/low/B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-8317 - A321-211 Juneyao Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-LBE - A330-343 Cathay Dragon - PVG 03-04-2018b.jpg pvg/low/B-8111 - A320-232 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

B-5942 - A330-243 China Eastern

B-8317 - A321-211 Juneyao Airlines

B-LBE - A330-343 Cathay Dragon

B-8111 - A320-232 China Eastern




pvg/low/B-8537 - A321-231 Juneyao Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-7837 - B787-9 Hainan Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/B-6587 - A320-232 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6655 - A320-232 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

B-8537 - A321-231 Juneyao Airlines

B-7837 - B787-9 Hainan Airlines

B-6587 - A320-232 China Eastern

B-6655 - A320-232 China Southern




pvg/low/B-LNT - A330-343 Hong Kong Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-8677 - A321-211 China Southern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-8862 - A330-343 China Eastern - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-HYI - A330-343 Dragonair - PVG 03-04-2018b.jpg

B-LNT - A330-343 Hong Kong Airlines

B-8677 - A321-211 China Southern

B-8862 - A330-343 China Eastern

B-HYI - A330-343 Dragonair




pvg/low/VN-A893 - A350-941 Vietnam Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018+.jpg pvg/low/ZK-NZC - B787-9 Air New Zealand - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/HL7736 - A330-323 Asiana Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/N821AN - B787-9 American Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

VN-A893 - A350-941 Vietnam Airlines

ZK-NZC - B787-9 Air New Zealand

HL7736 - A330-323 Asiana Airlines

N821AN - B787-9 American Airlines




pvg/low/RP-C8760 - A330-343 Philippines Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/M966AM - B787-8 AeroMexico - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/OY-KBI - A340-313 SAS - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-LBE - A330-343 Cathay Dragon - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg

RP-C8760 - A330-343 Philippines Airlines

N966AM - B787-8 AeroMexico

OY-KBI - A340-313 SAS

B-LBE - A330-343 Cathay Dragon 




pvg/low/B-MCE - A321-231 Air Macau - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-6998 - B787-9 Hainan Airlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg pvg/low/B-3152 - Embraer190 TianjinAirlines - PVG 03-04-2018.jpg  

B-MCE - A321-231 Air Macau

B-6998 - B787-9 Hainan Airlines

B-3152 - Embraer190 TianjinAirlines




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