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Located 10 Miles south of Seattle, in the small town of Tacoma, the airport "Seatac" International is the largest in the state of Washington. It is served by 24/24h passenger flights from the four corners of the United States of America, as well as flights to other continents. The airport consists of two terminals located east of three parallel north / south runways oriented 160 ° / 340 °. In general, departures are from the nearest terminal 16L-34R and arrivals on 16C-34C. In case of high traffic density approaching, these are the two extremes 16L-34R and 16R-34L receiving the landing almost simultaneously. Point of view traffic, Air Alaska is based in Seattle and is with its regional subsidiary Horizon are 65% of traffic. Other flights within USA are operated by Delta, United, American Airlines, Virgin America, Air Blue and the "low cost" Southwest. The flights are operated farther to the world by Eva Air, Hainan Airlines, Icelandair, British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa. Canada close also operates flights by regional subdivision of the company to the maple leaf. From a cargo perspective, a FedEx base drains many flights sometimes made ​​by the most original companies like Polar Air Cargo and Atlas Air.






View of Seattle tower Ground tower and terminal 2    


Crossing the beautiful city of Seattle, let us pause a moment to make some shots near the approach lights. The traffic is split by time on two tracks, we have "missed" a few interesting rarities, but that's part of the spotter game ! Here however, the harvest of the day, luckily with a pleasant weather and blue skies. Although traffic was somewhat repetitive, many liveries Alaska and Horizon airlines we have however kept on their toes with the hours of pleasant surprises!


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   24th June 2014 




N201LV - B737-7H4 Southwest N218FR - A320-214 Frontier N302FE - DC10F FedEx N219AG - CRJ700 Alaska (Skywest)




C-GMON - Dash8-300 Air Canada Express G-STBA - B777-336ER British Airways N400QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon N409AS - B737-990 Alaska




N412QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon N414QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon N435QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon /N467AS - B737-990ER Alaska




C-FUJZ - CRJ700 Air Canada Expres NN170PQ - CRJ700 Delta Connection N518AS - B737-890 Alaska N811DZ - B737-932ER Delta




TF-FIV - B757-208 Icelandair N223FR - A320-214 Frontier HL7620 - B747-419(BDSF) Asiana Cargo B-16412 - B747-45E Eva Air




N370FE - DC10F FedEx N371SW - B737-3H4 Southwest N505JB - A320-232 Jet Blue N528FE - MD11F FedEx




N512AS - B737-890 Alaska N556AS - B737-890 Alaska N559AS - B737-890 Alaska N560AS - B737-890 Alaska




N567UW - A321-231 US Airways N607CZ - Embraer175 Delta Connection N612AS - B737-790 Alaska N633DL - B757-232 Delta




N754AS - B737-4Q8 Alaska N650AW - A320-232 US Airways N805NW - A330-323 Delta N827UA - A319-131 United




N851VA - A320-214 Virgin America N966AN - B737-823 American Airlines N3773D - B737-823 Delta N77261 - B737-824 United




N127DL - B767-332 Delta N139DL - B767-323ER Delta N217AG - CRJ700 Alaska (Skywest) N416MC - B747-47UF Polar Cargo




N306AS - B737-990ER Alaska N370FE - DC10F FedEx - SEA N413UA - A320-232 United N414QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon




N452QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon N569AS - B737-890 Alaska N713AS - B737-490 Alaska N864DA - B777-232 Delta




N557AS - B737-890 Alaska N403QX - Dash8-400 Alaska Horizon N895FE - Cessna 208B FedEx  N316AA - B767-223CF ABX Air Cargo




B-6089 - A330-243 China Eastern D-AIGP - A340-313 Lufthansa    




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