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Sheremetyevo Airport is located at 30km north of Moscow. It consists of two terminals scattered north and south of two parallel runways 07L- 25R and 07R -25L . Aeroflot is based in Sheremetyevo, has established its hub and occupies a large part of the scene with its Skyteam partners for flights operated by Air France , KLM, Delta , CSA, China Eastern , Korean Air and Alitalia . The charter companies Nordwind , Ikar , Royal Flight services into the Mediterranean for holidaymakers. The rest of the flights operated by Air Astana , Lot, Severstal , Adria , Sishuan and Hainan. Airbridge Cargo compagny is based in Sheremetyevo but it is not uncommon to other flights operated by DHL, Aviacargo or Atran. From time to time , military flights are operated .


Spotting trip of 2nd June2016

 I spent a day at Moscow "Sheremetyevo" airport. On our arrival, runway 25R was used for landings. We went in a large fielt along the approach lights for taking pictures. Unfortunately it was not a sun with blue sky and we had a few passages of clouds. Nevertheless, the harvest was interesting and we were able to illustrate the companies that serve daily field. Meanwhile the curiosity of the day, we faced little before noon to a change of procedure, 07L had therefore chosen for arrivals. We started looking for a place away from the airport area to capture the final few others had a different perspective. In the end, we expected to see Russian built airplanes older or exotic cargo but we left the airport at dusk with a sense of too little. No more waiting, I invite you to discover the harvest of the day.


Clik on the picture to enlarge, all pictures were made by Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
2nd June 2016




svo/low/VQ-BOQ - B767-341ER Nordwind - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BQC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BVF - B737-43QF Air Bridge Cargo Express - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/YL-BBY - B737-36Q Air Baltic - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BOQ - B767-341ER Nordwind

VQ-BQC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot

VQ-BVF - B737-43QF Air Bridge Cargo Express

YL-BBY - B737-36Q Air Baltic




svo/low/RA-89024 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/P4-VAS - A320-214 Air Astana - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/RA-64024 - TU204-100C DHL - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/RA-67239 - CRJ200 Severstal - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

RA-89024 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot

P4-VAS - A320-214 Air Astana

RA-64024 - TU204-100C DHL

RA-67239 - CRJ200 Severstal




svo/low/VP-BTL - A321-211 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/OH-LXK - A320-214 Finnair - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VP-BUM - A321-211 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BLQ - B747-8F Air Bridge Cargo - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VP-BTL - A321-211 Aeroflot

OH-LXK - A320-214 Finnair

VP-BUM - A321-211 Aeroflot

 VQ-BLQ - B747-8F Air Bridge Cargo




svo/low/VP-BJF - B777-21B(ER) - Nordwind - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/N1603 - B767-332ER Delta - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/HL7605 - B747-4B5F Korean Cargo - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/OK-REQ - A319-112 CSA - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VP-BJF - B777-21B(ER) - Nordwind

N1603 - B767-332ER Delta HL7605 - B747-4B5F Korean Cargo OK-REQ - A319-112 CSA




svo/low/RA-89047 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016b.jpg svo/low/VP-BRR - B737-8LJ Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BQG - B777-3M0 Aeroflot (Skyteam) - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VP-BJB - B777-21BER Nordwind - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

RA-89047 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot

VP-BRR - B737-8LJ Aeroflot

EVQ-BQG - B777-3M0 Aeroflot (Skyteam)

VP-BJB - B777-21BER Nordwind




svo/low/VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BTM - B757-256 Royal Flight - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BSH - A320-214 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/TS-INB - A320-214 Nouvelair - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot

VQ-BTM - B757-256 Royal Flight

VQ-BSH - A320-214 Aeroflo

TS-INB - A320-214 Nouvelair




svo/low/OK-TSO - B737-8GQ Travel Service - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/RA-89057 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016b.jpg svo/low/SP-LIM - Embraer175 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/F-GKXH - A320-214 Air France - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

OK-TSO - B737-8GQ Travel Service

RA-89057 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot

SP-LIM - Embraer175 Aeroflot

   F-GKXH - A320-214 Air France




svo/low/VP-BLY - A330-243 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BQE - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8ER Ikar (Pagas colors) - SVO 02-06-2016a.jpg svo/low/VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8ER Ikar (Pagas colors) - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VP-BLY - A330-243 Aeroflot

VQ-BQE - B777-3M0 Aeroflot -

VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8ER Ikar (Pagas)

VQ-BTQ - B767-3Q8ER Ikar (Pagas)




svo/low/VQ-BWB - B737-8LJ Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/B-2067 - B777-29L Air China - VKO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/RA-89061 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BEI - A321-211 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

  /VQ-BWB - B737-8LJ Aeroflot

B-2067 - B777-29L Air China

RA-89061 - Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Aeroflot

VQ-BEI - A321-211 Aeroflot




svo/low/VP-BCF - B737-8LJ Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BSJ - A320-214 Aeroflot - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/B-5950 - A330-343E Hainan Airlines - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VQ-BUV - B737-86N Nordwind - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg

VP-BCF - B737-8LJ Aeroflot

VQ-BSJ - A320-214 Aeroflot

B-5950 - A330-343E Hainan Airlines

VQ-BUV - B737-86N Nordwind




svo/VP-BDK - A320-214 Aeroflot (Skyteam) - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/VP-BLC - B767-3Q8(ER) Royal Flight - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/B-2566 - B767-36DER Shanghai Airlines - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg svo/low/B-5760 - B737-81B China Southern - SVO 02-06-2016.jpg
VP-BDK - A320-214 Aeroflot (Skyteam)

VP-BLC - B767-3Q8(ER) Royal Flight

B-2566 - B767-36DER Shanghai Airlines

B-5760 - B737-81B China Southern



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