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Situated in the heart of the mountains, at few kilometres from the Salzburg’s downtown, the “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" meet many planes in the winter time. Many charters come from all the west of Europe or Russian. The best day is the Saturday, there are about 120 movements a day! The other days are very quiet. No companies are based at this field but daly flights are operated by Austrian Arrows, Niki, lauda Air and Austrojet.

The terminal is located at the west of the runway 16-34. All the arrivals are on the runway 16, the departures are from runway 16 or 34 without rules. At he east of the airport is situated the “Private Red Bull Terminal” from where some fun flights depart the week-end.






View of the tower and the terminal View in the terinal View of the desk View of the observation desk

All the pictures were made by Cedric Valence


11th January 2014




D-ABME - B737-86J Air Berlin (One World) EI-FBH - A321 Metro Jet VQ-BRU - A321-232 Nordwind Airlines  EI-ETI - A330-322 I Fly




EI-ETI - A330-322 I Fly UR-WRM - A320-232 Windrose G-TAWJ - B737-8K5 Thomson G-EZUI - A320-214 EasyJet




G-NIKO - A321 Thomas Cook LY-SPA - A320-232 Small Planet Airlines UR-PSI - B737-9KVER Ukraine International UR-UTQ - B737-83N UT Air




EI-XLI - B747-446 Transaero G-GDFO - B737-3U3 Jet2 Holidays G-TAWJ - B737-8K5 Thomson G-GDFO - B737-3U3 Jet2 Holidays




G-TAWK - B737-8K5 Thomson G-OOBP - B757-2G5 Thomson EI-UNJ - B737-86J Transaero RA-42412 - Yak42 Rusjet




G-TCBB - B757-236 Thomas Cook RA-64043 - TU204 Red Wings VP-BHW - A320-232 Yamal Airlines TF-WOW - A320-232 WOW Air




EI-DEA - A320-214 Aer Lingus G-TAWJ - B737-8K5 Thomson    

9th January 2011




G-EJAR - A319-111 Eazyjet

VQ-BBO - B737-548 Tatarstan

I-DUC - B757-256 I Fly

LN-KHA - B737-31S Norwegian




YR-BGH - B737-38J Tarom

EI-CDE - B737-548 Rossiya

EI-EKJ - B737-8AS Ryanair

G-SUEW - A320-214 Thomas Cook




RA-42411 - Yak42 Rusjet

EI-UNU - B777-212ER Transaero

RA-96007 - IL96 Aeroflot

    VP-BRK - B737-5YQ Nordavia




UR-WOG - BO328R Untitled Aerostar

VP-BKT - B737-33R Aeroflot Nord

UR-VVP - B737-4Q8 Aerosvit

 G-FBEA - Emb190 Fly Be


9th January 2010




szg/low/VQ-BBO - B737-300 Tatarstan - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BDB - B737-400 Tatarstan - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-64022 - TU204 KMV - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BDM - A320 Ural Airlines - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg
VQ-BBO - B737-300 Tatarstan VQ-BDB - B737-400 Tatarstan RA-64022 - TU204 KMV VQ-BDM - A320 Ural Airlines




szg/low/VQ-BCG - A320 Vladivostok Airlines - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BBO - B737-500 Tatarstan - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BBS - B737-800 Atlant Soyuz - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VP-BRQ - B737-500 Yamal Air - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg
VQ-BCG - A320 Vladivostok Airlines VQ-BBO - B737-500 Tatarstan VQ-BBS - B737-800 Atlant Soyuz VP-BRQ - B737-500 Yamal Air



szg/low/YL-BCB - A320 Windrose - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BFR - B737-800 Moskavia - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-96015 - IL96 Aeroflot - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-73008 - B757-200 VIM Airlines - SZG 09-01-10.jpg
YL-BCB - A320 Windrose  VQ-BFR - B737-800 Moskavia RA-96015 - IL96 Aeroflot RA-73008 - B757-200 VIM Airlines




szg/low/RA-64022 - TU204 KMV - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg szg/low/SE-DSY - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-42415 - Yack42 - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg szg/low/OH-AFK - B7857-200 Air Finland - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg
RA-64022 - TU204 KMV SE-DSY - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation RA-42415 - Yack42 OH-AFK - B7857-200 Air Finland




szg/low/G-OOBA - B757-200 Thomson Fly - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-96008 - IL96 Aeroflot - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg szg/low/G-EZFC - A319 Easyjet - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/G-CELD - B737-300 Jet2 - SZG 09-01-10.jpg
G-OOBA - B757-200 Thomson Fly RA-96008 - IL96 Aeroflot G-EZFC - A319 Easyjet G-CELD - B737-300 Jet2




szg/low/VQ-BOB - B737-400 Tatarstan - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/G-OJMR - A300-600R Monarch - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg szg/low/EI-CXZ - B767-200ER Transaero - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/YR-BIC - B737-800 Blue Air - SZG 09-01-10.jpg
VQ-BOB - B737-400 Tatarstan G-OJMR - A300-600R Monarch EI-CXZ - B767-200ER Transaero R-BIC - B737-800 Blue Air




szg/low/D-AGWG - A319 Germanwings - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VP-BFM - B737-500 Sky Express - SZG 0-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BBM - A320 Rossiya - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VP-BQY - A320 Ural Airlines - SZG 09-01-10.jpg
/D-AGWG - A319 Germanwings VP-BFM - B737-500 Sky Express VQ-BBM - A320 Rossiya VP-BQY - A320 Ural Airlines




szg/low/UR-PSA - B737-800 Ukraine International - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/VQ-BOB - B737-400 Tatarstan - SZG 09-01-10b.jpg szg/low/G-CDZH - B737-800 Thomson Fly - SZG 09-01-10.jpg szg/low/RA-42411 - Yack42 - SZG 09-01-10.jpg
UR-PSA - B737-800 Ukraine International VQ-BOB - B737-400 Tatarstan G-CDZH - B737-800 Thomson Fly RA-42411 - Yack42


228th February 2009




VP-BBL - B737-500 Atlant Soyuz OY-CIN - ATR42 Cimber OH-BLU - MD90 Blue1 SE-DSU - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation




OE-LEX - A320 Niki g G-EZAV - A319 Easyjet VP-BBL - B737-500 Atlant Soyuz G-CELH - B737-300 Jet2




G-MONK - B757-200 Monarch VP-BBN - B737-500 Sky Express EI-DCJ - B737-800 Ryanair G-JMCG - B757-200 Thomas Cook )




RA-64509 - TU214 Transaero PH-XRV - B737-700 Transavia OE-LNK - B737-800 Lauda Air OE-LBA - A321 Austrian




G-THOP - B737-500 Thomson Fly LN-KHA - B737-300 Norwegian LN-BUF - B737-400 SAS Scandinavian OE-LVF - Fokker100 Austrian




G-STRF - B737-500 Astraeus G-JECH - Dash8-400 Fly Be EI-DCJ - B737-800 Ryanair EEI-CDD - B737-500 Rossiya




D-AHXH - B737-700 TUI Fly G-THOG - B737-500 Thomson Fly LY-AQV - B737-300 Jettime G-NIKO - A321 Thomas Cook




SE-DSR - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation RA-64509 - TU214 Transaero OE-LEU - A320 Niki RA-64509 - TU214 Transaero




D-CATZ - Do328 Private EI-DCJ - B737-800 Ryanair G-OJMR - A300-600 Monarch LY-AQV - B737-300 Jettime (from Flylal )




EI-DWH - B737-800 Ryanair LN-KKE - B737-500 Norwegian G-BYAU - B757-200 Thomson Fly G-MIDR - A320 BMI




PH-XRV - B737-700 Transavia OE-LNK - B737-800 Lauda Air LN-TUF - B737-700 SAS Scandinavian  



In the ski season, I went a sunny week-end at Salzburg for some spotting by the “City Night Line” train. From the main international station, I coach the trolley bus till the east spotting point at the touch runway 16. I took pictures till 12 o’clock and then I went at the west in the spotter island close the airport terminal, and I took pictures there till the sunset. The traffic was crazy and didn’t stoped… I really enjoyed this place. I slept in the Etap Hotel about 15 minutes a walk from the terminal in the west, that was the cheaper of the day. The day after, I went from the early morning till on the island where I took some pictures, and on the observation desck on the roof of the airport terminal, but the traffic was very less attractive… there were about only 20 flights the day. After some city visits, I coach the CNL night train in the evening to Aachen and home.



16 february 2008




RA-73015 - B757-200 Vin Airlines G-CELC - B737-33A Jet2 OE-LNP - B737-800 Lauda Air EI-CBQ - B737-300 Air Union ( Kras Air )




OE-LVJ - Fokker100 Austrian D-ATUA - B737-800 TUI Fly G-FDZE - B737-800 Thomson Fly OH-BLD - MD90 Blue1




/D-AHLP - B737-800 Happag Fly LN-KKY - B737-33S Norwegian ( special colors ) /G-SMTJ - A321 Thomas Cook OY-RTC - ATR72 Cimber




G-CELC - B737-33A Jet2 G-YBAL - B757-200 Thomson Fly G-TTIE - A321 British Airways SE-DSV - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation

OE-LEA - A320 Niki EI-DCS - B737-800 Ryanair SE-DSX - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation

LN-RCZ - B737-883 SAS Scandinavian


LN-KKD - B737-33V Norwegian

G-DOCW - B737-436 British Airways

G-FCLA - B757-200 Thomas Cook D-AGEQ - B-737-75B Hapag Lloyd Express







SE-DSX - Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation

LN-RCN - B737-883 SAS Braathens

G-BYAO - B757-200 Thomson Fly

G-FBEE - Embraer 190 Fly Be


OK-WGY - B737-436 CSA

EI-DBW - B767-200 Transaero

D-AGPQ - Fokker100 Air Berlin

SE-RDR - MD82 Fly Nordic


VP-BTQ - A319 Rossiya

OY-MRJ - B737-7L9 Sterling

G-OBYD - B767-300 Thomson Fly

OE-LNP - B737-800 Lauda Air

EI-CPC - A321 Aer lingus

TF-JXF - B737-800 Primera

OE-LBQ - A320 Lauda Air

OE-LVJ - Fokker100 Austrian

G-MAJS - A300-600R Monarch

EI-DCC - B737-800 Ryanair G-JECO - Dash8-400 Fly Be OY-MRJ - B737-7L9 Sterling

OY-KBP - A319 SAS Scandinavian

G-NIKO - A321 Thomas Cook VP-BTQ - A319 Rossiya RA-85676 - TU154M Vladivostok Air

RA-85676 - TU154M Vladivostok Air

D-AHIG - B737-300 Hamburg International TS-IOH - B737-300 Tunisair ES-ABK - B737-300 Estonian


G-OOAR - A320 First Choice

EI-DHY - B737-800 Ryanair G-OOAE - A321 First Choice  


17th February 2008




H-XRC - B737-700 Transavia OE-LBQ - A320 Lauda Air OH-LXL - A320 Finnair G-LGTG - B737-300 British Airways




OE-LBQ - A320 Lauda Air OE-LCK - CRJ200 Austrian OE-LEO - A320 Niki EI-DPK - B737-800 Ryanair




D-CIRA - Dornier328 Cirrus OE-HWG - Dash8-200 Austrojet OE-EMD - Red Bull G-THOI - B737-300 Thomson Fly




OE-HWG - Dash8-200 Austrojet D-AHLR - B737-800 TUI Fly OE-LGI - Dash8-400 Austrian  



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