Téhéran Mehrabad Airport ( THR - OIII ) 

Tehran Mehrabad Airport is located in the city, north of the Iranian capital. This airport has 4 different terminals former and is for the Iranian domestic traffic, flights to overseas being operated from the new airport "Imam Khomeini" (IKA) located south of the metropolis. Companies Iran Air, Mahan Air, Iran Aseman, Naft, Pouya, Qeshm Airlines, Meraj Airlines, Zagros, and ATA. Government planes and an impressive fleet of military aircraft are based at Mehrabad. Many flights are operated by former aircraft to the delight of fans: 727, MD80, F100, AN74, so many models that make this airport great interest. Finally, many cargo planes are daily visitors as well as storage for old planes. The terminals are north of two parallel runways 11L-numbered 29R and 11R-29L.




Vie of terminal View inside of the terminal

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October 2015


EP-ASD - B727-327 Iran Aseman

EP-CFR - Fokker100 Iran Air

EP-MNE - B747-3B3 Mahan Air EP-MOB - BAe146 Mahan Air

EP-MOB - BAe146 Mahan Air

EP-CPU - MD80 Caspian Airlines

EP-MOB - BAe146 Mahan Air EP-PUC - AN74 Pouya Air

EP-TAS - MD80 ATA Airlines

EP-AJH - A320-233 Meraj Airlines

EP-ZAG - MD80 Zagros Airlines EP-AJH - A320-233 Meraj Airlines



EP-AJI - A320-233 Meraj Airlines

EP-FQU - RJ100 Qeshm Air

EY-754 Taban Airlines PK-TXG - B737-5L9 Sepahan Airlines



EP-SUS - Fokker100 Naft Airlines

EP-TAS - MD80 ATA Airlines

EP-ZAA - MD80 Zagros Airlines EY-754 B737-4Q8 Taban Airlines

RA-85155 - TU154 Rossyia

EP-MOK - BAe146 Mahan Air

UR-CJZ - MD80 Iran Air EP-PUC - AN74 Pouya Air



UR-CHW - MD80 Iran Air

EP-FQF - Fokker100 Qeshm Air

EP-SUS - Fokker100 Naft Airlines EP-MJN - A300-600R Mahan Air



EP-LCI - MD80 Kish Air

5-3032 - Fokker27 Iran Air Force

5-8939 - C130 Iran Air Force 30-1007 - B707-321 Islamic Republic of Iran



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