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Localised on the North wes of Berlin, Tegel Airport is the most important of the German capital. All the national European companies goes to Tegel, but there is no heavies. The intercontinental flights are operated from Frankfurt and an air bridge every two hours is organised with a A300 Lufthansa. There are two parallels runway, 26L-08R used for the departures, 26R-08L for the arrivals. There are not much cargo activities but many bizjets.



View of the tower and the terminal View of the parking View o the parking in front of the low-cost terminal View of the observation desk on the roof of the main termial
View of a check-in desk      


During my Berlin’s trip, i went a day on the observation terrace of Tegel Airport. I took some pictures, but the traffic was very light. I too some pictures during a half day and that was enough to see all the different planes of this place.


All the pictures were token by Cédric Valence


30 september 2007




D-ABBT - B737-700 Air Berlin D-ACPN - CRJ200 Lufthansa Regional D-AHXC - B737-700 TUI Fly F-GFKM - A320 Air France

G-EUOC - A319 British Airways

PH-BTD - B737-306 KLM

D-ACPJ - CRJ200 Lufthansa

D-ABBE - B737-800 Air Berlin


D-AIPT - A320-200 Lufthansa

TC-JFJ - B737-800 Turkish

N194DN - B767-300ER Delta Airlines D-ABJA - B737-500 Lufthansa







D-ABDN - A320 Air Berlin

D-AIAL - A300-600R Lufthansa 9H-AEL - A319 Air Malta A7-AFA - A300-600R Qatar Airways




D-ABGG - A320 Air Berlin

OH-BLD - MD80 Blue 1 D-ABBT - B737-700 Air Berlin PH-BOB - B737-400 KLM





D-ABIB - B737-700 Air Berlin

D-ACPN - CRJ200 Lufthansa Regional OY-RJG - CRJ200 Cimber  


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