Moscow Vnukovo ( VKO  - UUWW )                                             


The third busiest airport in Moscow is in the city of Vnukovo, 30km west of the Russian capital. This is a hyper secure area since it is based on what ground the fleet of government aircraft. The passenger terminal is located north of the intersection formed by two intersecting runways "X", the 24-06 and 01-19. A Government terminal is located in the southeast and the military base west of the complex. Point civil order, the company UT Air, Rossiya and Podeba are based at Vnukovo. Orenair the company once had a base but that no longer operates on behalf of Rossiya until its scheduled end in the short term. The rest of local traffic consists of the I-Fly companies, Donavia, Gazprom, Yakutia and RusJet. The companies Azerbaijan Airlines, Turkish, Georgian Airways and Wizzair share the outdoor destinations. Varied its cargo flights operated daily. Point of view military, government fleet consists of aircraft quantity of various Russian-built Tupolev 134 with the Ilyushin 96. Many business flights coming and going day and night on Vnukovo.


vko/low/VKO-1.jpg vko/low/VKO-2.jpg vko/low/TU104.jpg vko/low/vko-3.jpg
Vue du terminal, de la tour et un départ Vue de l'extérieur du terminal Vue intérieure du terminal Ambiance de l'île de Majorque avec avion en finale.


Vnukovo was truly our "base" for a few days . Not only because our hotel was at the end of runway 24 , but because many surprises are expected daily! Of official flights operated with Russian aircraft , military aircraft , special cargo , it was one of the last opportunities to photograph the Tu134 still flying . In addition to the "regular" traffic we had in the sun , discover the true " antiques " airs legendary noise... a moment of delight despite a sometimes capricious weather...


Click on the picture to enlarge, all pictures were made by Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
4th, 5th and 6th June 2016




vko/low/VQ-BJN - B737-524 UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BLC - ATR72 UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/EI-EYM - A319-111 Rossiya - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/HA-LYR - A320-232 Wizzair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BJN - B737-524 UTair

VQ-BLC - ATR72 UTair

EI-EYM - A319-111 Rossiya

HA-LYR - A320-232 Wizzair




vko/low/VQ-BAU - A319-111 Rossiya - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BLJ - ATR72 UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BTC -B737-8MA Pobeda - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BTS - B737-8FZ Pobeda - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BAU - A319-111 Rossiya

VQ-BLJ - ATR72 UTair

VQ-BTC -B737-8MA Pobeda

VQ-BTS - B737-8FZ Pobeda




vko/low/VQ-BVV - B737-8LJ Orenair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BMP - B737-86N Yakutia - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VP-BAI - B767-224ER UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BJH - B737-8AS UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BVV - B737-8LJ Orenair

VQ-BMP - B737-86N Yakutia

VP-BAI - B767-224ER UTair

 VQ-BJH - B737-8AS UTair




vko/low/VQ-BOY - B737-85F Yakutia Airlines - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BJP - B737-524 UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-96016 - IL96 Rossiya - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BTD - B737-8MA Pobeda - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BOY - B737-85F Yakutia Airlines

VQ-BJP - B737-524 UTair  /RA-96016 - IL96 Rossiya VQ-BTD - B737-8MA Pobeda




vko/low/VQ-BMJ - B737-524 UT Air - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-96016 - IL96 Rossiya - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BPO - B737-524 UTair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/701 - A319-132 Armenia Government - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BMJ - B737-524 UT Air

RA-96016 - IL96 Rossiya

VQ-BPO - B737-524 UTair

701 - A319-132 Armenia Government




vko/low/VP-BVL - B737-524 UT Air - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BCJ - B737-8AS Orenair - VKO 04-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-78831 - IL76 Russian Air Force - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-64032 - TU204F Aviastar Cargo - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg

VP-BVL - B737-524 UT Air

VQ-BCJ - B737-8AS Orenair

RA-78831 - IL76 Russian Air Force

RA-64032 - TU204F Aviastar Cargo




vko/low/4K-AZ78 - A320-214 Azerbaijan - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/A6-FDU - B737-8KN Fly Dubai - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg vko/low/EI-XLE - B747-446 Rossiya - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/LY-PGC - B737-4S3 Ellinair - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg

4K-AZ78 - A320-214 Azerbaijan

A6-FDU - B737-8KN Fly Dubai

EI-XLE - B747-446 Rossiya

LY-PGC - B737-4S3 Ellinair




vko/low/RA-61716 - AN148 Rossiya - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/EI-XLE - B747-446 Rossiya - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-78750 IL76 Russian Air Force - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-82079 - AN124 Volga Dnepre - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg

   RA-61716 - AN148 Rossiya

EI-XLE - B747-446 Rossiya

RA-78750 IL76 Russian Air Force

RA-82079 - AN124 Volga Dnepre




vko/low/RA-88251 - Yak40 Russian Air Force - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-96017 - IL96 Rossiya - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-89030 - SU100-95LR Gazprom Avia - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-96020 - IL96 Rossiya - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg

RA-88251 - Yak40 Russian Air Force

RA-96017 - IL96 Rossiya

RA-89030 - SU100-95LR Gazprom Avia

RA-96020 - IL96 Rossiya




vko/low/RA-96021 - IL96 Rossiya - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-65726 - TU134 Cosmos Air - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/EI-XLJ - B747-446 Rossiya - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-89049 - SU100-95LR Gazprom Avia - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg

RA-96021 - IL96 Rossiya

RA-65726 - TU134 Cosmos Air

EI-XLJ - B747-446 Rossiya

RA-89049 - SU100-95LR Gazprom Avia




vko/low/VP-BQK - A319-111 Donavia - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BAG - B767-224ER UTair - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BAV - A319-111 Rossiya - VKO 06-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BAW - B737-8MA Pobeda - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg

VP-BQK - A319-111 Donavia

VQ-BAG - B767-224ER UTair

VQ-BAV - A319-111 Rossiya

VQ-BAW - B737-8MA Pobeda




vko/low/VQ-BBA - A319-111 Rossiya - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/RA-65978 - TU134 Russian Air Force - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BQP - B737-8GU UTair - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VP-BLA - B777-2Q8 Orenair - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BBA - A319-111 Rossiya

RA-65978 - TU134 Russian Air Force

VQ-BQP - B737-8GU UTair

VP-BLA - B777-2Q8 Orenair t




vko/low/RA-78750 IL76 Russian Air Force - VKO 05-06-2016b.jpg vko/low/VQ-BTS - B737-8FZ Pobeda - VKO 05-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BTH - B737-8LJ Pobeda - VKO 07-06-20016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BQR - B737-8GU UT Air - VKO 07-06-2016a.jpg

RA-78750 IL76 Russian Air Force

VQ-BTS - B737-8FZ Pobeda VQ-BTH - B737-8LJ Pobeda VQ-BQR - B737-8GU UT Air




vko/low/VQ-BQR - B737-8GU UT Air - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VP-BCK - B737-46Q(SF) ABC Express - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/VQ-BUE - B737-8GJ Orenair - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg vko/low/EI-XLJ - B747-446 Rossiya - VKO 07-06-2016.jpg

VQ-BQR - B737-8GU UT Air

VP-BCK - B737-46Q(SF) ABC Express

VQ-BUE - B737-8GJ Orenair

EI-XLJ - B747-446 Rossiya


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