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In the heart of Poland close Warsaw, Frederic Chopin International Airport in the main of the country. There are 2 terminals, the big one used for the domestic and international traffic, and the new number two called “Etiuda” used for the low-cost companies. The polish passengers companies are based in WAW, like Lot, Central Wings, and Fisher Airways. A cargo terminal meets everydays some flights operated by TNT, DHL and UPS, and a maintenance factory meets some unusual traffic. Two runways on the north west of the terminals called 15-33 and 11-29 cross like a X.


View of main terminal View inside of the main terminal View of the observation desk View o our plane in front of the low-cost terminal


Our trips in Poland begins in Charleroi Airport aboard the Wizzair W6 422 to Warsaw. After a white night in the terminal, we took the pictures from the observation desk on the roof of the main terminal. Till the evening, and were back home with the Wizzair flight W6 621.


All pictures were made by Cedric Valence


20 september 2007




SP-KPE - Saab340 Direct Fly TC-SNC - B757-200 Sun Express F-GFKO - A320 Air France SP-KPR - Saab340 Gelden Air

G-BIKI - B757-200F DHL

TC-SNC - B757-200 Sun Express

SP-KWE - BAe Jetstream 3202 Lot

G-EUPJ - A319 British Airways


HA-LOE - B737-6Q8 Malev

HB-IYV - Avro RJ100 Star Alliance ( Swiss )

vSP-LDK - Embraer170 Star Alliance ( Lot ) N251UP - MD11F UPS







SP-LDD - Embraer170 Lot

SP-LFB - ATR72 Euro Lot

SP-LPA - B767-35DER Lot

TS-INB - A320-200 Nouvelair


G-EZJB - B737-73V Easy Jet

SP-LKE B737-55D Star Alliance ( Lot )

N251UP - MD11F UPS

N251UP - MD11F UPS


SP-LGD - Embraer145 Lot

LN-RMU - MD87 SAS Scandinavian

HB-IYV - Avro RJ100 Swiss

LN-KKT - B737-3L9 Norwegian

SP-LFG ATR72 Euro Lot

SP-LIE - Embraer170 Lot

OO-DWJ - Avro RJ100 Brussels Airlines

SP-LDC - Embraer170 Star Alliance ( Lot )

OH-SAO - Avro RJ85 Blue 1

HA-LPK - A320 Wizzair D-ACRJ - Canadair CRJ200 Lufthansa Regional PH-BTA - B737-406 KLM

SP-EDA - ATR42 Euro Lot

SP-101 - TU154 Polska Republic TS-IMK - A319 Tunisair SU-BPZ - B737-800 AMC Airlines

SP-LOB - B767-200 Lot

TS-IEB - B737-33A Karthago Airlines TS-ION - B737-600 Tunisair Polski Air Force

D-ABXW - B737-300 Lufthansa

SP-LPA - B767-35DER Lot SP-LKA - B737-55D Lot VP-BWM - A320 Aeroflot

SP-LPE - B767-341ER Star Alliance

D-AVRP - Avro RJ85 Lufthansa Regional EI-DVF - A320 Aer Lingus EC-KFM - A320 LTE

SP-FVR B757-200 Fischer Airlines

SP-LPB - B767-35DER Lot HA-LPK - A320-200 Wizzair SP-LLI - B737-4Q8 Central Wings


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