Montréal Airport Pierre-Eliott Trudeau - ( YUL - CYUL )


Montreal is Canada's largest, in the province of Quebec. Located 15km west of the city, the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau owes its name to a popular politician who was twice prime minister and who undertook significant changes in its terms. The complex, located in the small city of Dorval, has a large terminal located west oriented two-24L 06R and 24R-06L which it is intersected by a shorter 28-10 parallel tracks. In the center of the two parallel tracks maintenance center Air Canada. Always between two parallel but to the east is the factory Bombardier aircraft manufacturing with assembly private planes like "Challenger" chain. Southeast is a small general aviation terminal and messaging, with some specific flights including air bridge to the northern city carrying labor mines. The runway use is determined by the wind, 24L-06R generally used for departures, 24R-06L for arrivals. The 28-10 are rarely used and demand for small regional aircraft if a strong wind dictates. Airlines Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Jazz, Jetz, Air Canada Red and Air Transat have established their base in Montreal, as the charters Sunwings and Westjet. Other companies Raglan, First Air, Air Inuit, Air and Canadian North Creebeq also operate regular flights from the ground. From the USA, American, United, Delta insure their rotations using models "short haul".
Long distance flights mainly from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa are operated by Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, Royal Air Moroc, Air Algerie and Syphax. There are no pure cargo business, except occasionally flights transporting heavy equipment for the needs of the Bombardier plant. The freight operations are concentrated in Mirabel, the old airport. Perspective traffic, a rush of departures was observed in the morning between 7 and 9 with regional companies. Then from 11am these flights return to mingling with many long-haul and large aircraft. Between 15 and 18h are incessant departures as small as large appliances and the day ends with the return of the regional fleet until the nightfall. Throughout the day, business flights are added as test flights of new aircraft manufactured by Bombardier on the site and deliveries.






View of terminal View of the tower Domestic terminal's parking  


Our trip to Montreal was precipitated by the announced end of operations MD11 type aircraft by the Dutch airline KLM. Since these are the last flights operated in the world with this type of equipment, we then booked our seats for the test. After a fantastic flight from 7am aboard PH-KCB we put the wheels on Canadian soil. We had planned to dedicate the first two days to shoot around this new field for us and luckily the sun was present before hiding unfortunately tour that followed during our stay. Following much work to Taxiway of the southern runway, procedures have been slightly altered.
All light and medium were directed to the southern runway where we were, all long-haul landing and taking off from the north runway. That's why we had little large aircraft to illustrate in this report, but in absolute terms it was those rare regional aircraft that were targeted, with experience of European birds.

Without further ado, I'll let you see the harvest of photos taken during our two days, and a few shots from the terminal when we head to the door of our flight home.


click image to enlarge, all photos on the page are Cedric Valence


Le 19 septembre 2014




C-FYIY A319-114 Air Canada Rouge C-FDCA - A320-211 Air Canada Jetz C-FACD - Dash8-300 Air Canada Jazz C-FGRY - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz




C-FKCN - B737-36N Canadian North C-FBJZ - CRJ700 Air Canada Express C-FSRJ - Dash8-400 Air Canada Express C-CQBT - Gouvernement du Quebec




C-FGYS - A320-214 Air Canada C-FGQK - Dash8-100 Air Canada Epress C-FEJP - Embraer175 Air Canada Express C-FPAE - Dash8-300 Provincial Airlines




C-FYIY A319-114 Air Canada Rouge C-FFNF - B737-406 First Air C-FKCN - B737-36N Canadian North C-FHNW - Embraer190 Air Canada




C-FEJP - Embraer175 Air Canada Express /C-FJVV - Dash8-300 Air Canada Express C-FTJP - A320-211 Air Canada C-GAAV - Beech1900 Air Canada Express




C-GANF - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz C-FABN - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz C-FZQS - A320-214 air Canada C-FZUH - A319-114 Air Canada




C-FZUH - A319-114 Air Canada C-GBHM - A319-114 Air Canada C-FFNF - B737-406 First Air C-GCTC - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz




C-GION - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz C-GETA - Dash8-300 Air Canada Express C-GHGA - Beechcraft1900 Air Canada Express C-GIZX - Beechcraft A100 King Air




C-FABN - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz C-GIUF - A321-211 Air Canada C-GGNZ - Dash8-400 Air Canada Express C-GKEU - CRJ200 Air Canada Express




C-GLQK - Dash8-400 Porter Airlines /C-GLAT - A310-308 Air Transat C-GMAI - B737-2Q2 Air Inuit C-GOFW - B737-8BK Sunwings




/C-GOJA - CRJ200 Air Canada Jazz C-GTCO - Dash8-100 Air Creebec C-GTQC - B737-8Q8 Air Transat C-GUXF - Dash8-100 Air Creebeq




C-GWBN - B737-7CT Westjet C-GXAI - Dash8-300 Air Inuit C-GYOF - Bombardier BD700 HP-1520CMP B737-7V3 Copa Airlines




JY-AIE - A330-223 Royal Jordanian LY-VEQ - A320-232 Avion Express (Untitled) C-GKQF - Dash8-400 Porter Airlines C-GWBN - B737-7CT Westjet




N283SK - Embraer145 Delta Connection  N342AM - B737-8Z9 Aero Mexico N464AW - CRJ200 US Airways Express C-FKCN - B737-36N Canadian North

NN884NN - B737-823 American Airlines N865RW - Embraer170 United Express N298PQ - CRJ900 Delta Connection

N21144 - Embraer145 United Express


C-FKCN - B737-36N Canadian North

C-FKCN - B737-36N Canadian North

N951SW - CRJ200 SkyWest N283SK - Embraer145 Delta Connection







C-GTQC - B737-8Q8 Air Transat C-GURG - Canadair Challenger 601-3A Gouvernement du Quebeq HP-1520CMP B737-7V3 Copa Airlines

C-CWWWH - Dash8-400 Bombardier


C-FEKH - Embraer175 Air Canada Express C-FPDN - A320-211 Air Canada C-FPWE - A320-214 Air Canada Jetz

C-FGLW - Embraer190 Air Canada


/C-FSRN - Dash8-400 Air Canada Express C-FMZW - Embraer190 Air Canada C-GTQG - B737-8Q8 Air Transat

   C-GHLM - A330-300 Air Canada         (Star Alliance)


    C-GHLM - A330-300 Air Canada             (Star Alliance)     C-GHLM - A330-300 Air Canada          (Star Alliance) C-GQWJ B737-7CT Westjet

C-GLQJ - Porter Airlines


C-GMAI - B737-2Q2 Air Inuit C-GQWJ B737-7CT Westjet C-GLJZ - CRJ700 Air Canada Express

C-GTQB - B737-8Q8 Air Transat


C-GMAI - B737-2Q2 Air Inuit C-FGLW - Embraer190 Air Canada N13970 - Embraer145 United Express

N423SW - CRJ200 American Eagle


N955SW - CRJ200 American Eagle C-GXNR - B737-2S2C Raglan Factory C-FCJZ - CRJ700 Air Canada Express

N8516C - CRJ200 Delta Connection


C-GMJA - CRJ200 Air Canada Jazz C-GZJC - Dash8-100 Air Creebec C-GUJA - CRJ200 Air Canada Jazz

C-GTCO - Dash8-100 Air Creebec



C-GWSJ - B737-6CT Westjet C-GION - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz HB-JHL - A330-343X Swiss


Le 18 septembre 2014

C-GMAI - B737-2Q2 Air Inuit C-FKCR - A320-211 Air Canada   C-FBGS - Beechcraft A100 King Air          Air Care

C-GFAT - A310-304 Air Transat


C-GJMI - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz  C-GKEU - CRJ200 Air Canada Express C-GTQB - B737-8Q8 Air Transat

XA-AME - B737-852 AeroMexico





JY-AIE - A330-223 Royal Jordanian       
Le 22 septembre 2014

C-FIJA - CRJ200 Air Canada Jazz C-FFWI - A320-214 Air Canada C-FMWQ - B767-333ER Air Canada Rouge

C-FSRY - Dash8-400 Air Canada Express


C-GCTC - Dash8-100 Air Canada Jazz C-GHKR - A330-343 Air Canada N827AS - CRJ200 Unied Express




C-FDAO - Dash8-100 Air Inuit C-FNNU - B777-333ER Air Canada    C-GHLM - A330-300 Air Canada          (Star Alliance)




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